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    I've been experimenting with trying to throw in some Ret pallies, and use their self healing finisher.

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    Even if I switch to Ret I'm stuck with the legendaries for Prot, unless they decide to remove the diminishing returns.

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    I leveled up 4 Ret paladins and 1 Prot. The finisher is such a huge dps loss compared to Templar's Verdict that you do almost the same DPS as a prot. This is at ilvl 845-849. Hugely dissappointed in it. Trying out different teams now.
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    How far did you go with 1 prot and 4 rets Ellay? Did you try 5 prots as a comparison?

    edit:in mythics i mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rapstar View Post
    Suspect the melee DPS is just too squishy so adding DPS means also adding a heals to support them, which potentially lowers your overall AoE DPS (but potentially upping your single target DPS) and managing the different specs and rotations gets pretty complicated / iffy.

    If tank DPS gets a big nerf then I guess we'll be forced into it, but I doubt that'll happen. It's just more fun for the casual player to post half decent numbers as a tank, and i think blizz knows that.

    Although, if survivability is a non issue w/ 5 tanks... then just pull bigger until it is, amirite?
    I would stick x2 Hunters in... pets can off tank a bit, and hunts have some self heals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance View Post
    How far did you go with 1 prot and 4 rets Ellay? Did you try 5 prots as a comparison?

    edit:in mythics i mean.
    I only tried my hand at mythic regular and did a couple mythic +2, such as maw of souls. I did +2 while it was only my second time ever running the dungeon so still had to learn mechanics and barely missed the timer.
    I did do comparison's though. Prot was amazing for trash, even using Divine Storm as your main dps spender, Prot Paladin seems to churn through trash so much easier.
    On boss fights, I would finish with 1 min 34 seconds duration on prot and 1 min 27 seconds on ret as an example. The DPS gain just didn't outweigh how much more fragile the team was overall.
    Perhaps my rotation could improve, but I'm working on a new team, if it doesn't work out - Prot Paladin is known as a solid choice.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm on 5 prots as well and was thinking of dabbling with rets too. I'm also leveling hunters as they are good fun.

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    the new prot helm is kinda crap TBH.

    it will be nice to have next tier if we want to try doing the first tier raids, or maybe once they do the re tuning of mythics to make them more challenging. as it is the extra healing they provide is crap compared to the absurd DPS increase from sephuz, or the new thrayn. specially if you have BOTH.

    on a trash pull you can practically demolish trash... granted, you have to CD it. so it takes practice to know which pulls can be CDed without affecting your run time.

    i can see that helm (paired with the pants) used to hot drop an enemy faction city and be pretty much unkillable.

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    congrats, what team combo is that?
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