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Thread: Xmas Sale 2016

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    Default Xmas Sale 2016

    So this year the sale is on basic wow. (not legion)

    all paid mounts and all pets.



    Seems the sale is on in the US as well

    And i wish you all a great xmas and new year!
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    Didnt we just have black Friday where the game was 5$ dollars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kojiiko View Post
    Didnt we just have black Friday where the game was 5$ dollars?
    Yep, and 50% off is something you can get all year round, so it's not even a big deal. Was totally expecting $5 Battle Chest so that I could stock up because I missed the Black Friday sale. Oh, well... /shrug
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    Suppose the "meat" of the sale are the mounts and pets, but ye, slightly dissapointing although I didn't expect to see Legion on sale just yet. Was kinda hoping to see a big sale on services. Wouldn't mind some race changes for better animations. :P

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