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    Default 5x guardian druids


    i need some advice.

    atm i play 5x guardian druids. They are around ilvl 850 now and i dont got my 3rd relic open yet.

    I try HC dungeons with them, but they get easily killed, i did DHT hc without wipes. But its really hard to do.
    i see alot of other multiboxers with other combo's doing mythics or even mythic +.

    i am doing something wrong? or i just need better gear first? when u guys started doing HC? And at wich ilvl its getting easy?


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    Quote Originally Posted by valkie1 View Post
    i dont got my 3rd relic open yet.
    That third relic slot is, as DT would say, " YUGE!!" You need to get that for sure..will see a big DPS jump
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    I have 5 druids - I think around ilevel 845 or so. I HAD to make one resto - since guardian tanks just get no heals like pallys or dk tanks. I can at least clear mythic DHT without much bother - and you can even stealth past a ton of stuff.

    So basically I play on one of the tanks, with VuhDu up on all 5 guys. The healing clicks pass through to the resto who pops out of bear form to heal - then goes right back into bear form and attacks or continues healing depending how often I click to heal my team. I also can pop them all out and put HOTs on everyone - when you have a few seconds to spare, it comes in handy.
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    av just unlocked my 3rd slot on my druids a very easy one to be fair i did not do any of the dungeon quests and all the events my hole team could do at the same time all 8. the longest part is the missions.
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    Bears are unbelievably difficult to kill in WPvP. I 5vs1 a bear once with my Prot palis and after what seemed like 10 minutes of getting nowhere we just decided to ignore each other.

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    Well with Frenzied Regeneration the more you damage the bear the more it heals for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    Well with Frenzied Regeneration the more you damage the bear the more it heals for.
    so less PEW PEW is more PEW PEW ?
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    I was planning a 5xGuardian comp thinking that Blood Frenzy would keep all of their rage topped, free swipes for DPS, and Typhoon + Restoration Affinity + Swift Mend could be used in a pinch. I thought they might be the best 5 comp because of these talents combined with the artifact trait + leech it just seems so strong on paper. Guess I'm wrong?

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    It seems they have decent survivability - just not sure if it's "enough" healing. I don't know enough about them to know if it will work. It's great to try these types of things though.
    I would think ilvl 850 would be enough for HC though as a marker to know if it works. 810 is the minimum to get into it, and it hands out 825+ items, so being 850 you should be geared enough to handle them.
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    My experience with a druid team so far compared to a Pally and DK team:

    1. Stampeding roar is awesome. Nothing comparable in the pally or DK toolkit. Should be invaluable in Mythic+ chest runs.
    2. Swipe is free *massive* AoE damage and very forgiving of targeting, which is a nice bonus when boxing.
    3. Superior magic damage protection.
    4. Incapacitating Roar has great range (talented) when you multi-pull large packs.
    5. All one class (for class halls etc.) like pallies. DKs need a pally healer which makes it a bit more work.
    6. Having one as resto gives you very mobile heals. Again, very nice for boxing.

    1. Their heals are pitiful compared to the pally Light / Hand of the Protector so you need a dedicated healer. Hand of the Protector is simply OP and I don't think any other class can match it.
    2. They seem to take more damage, but I suspect this is just a gear thing because they are apparently one of the better mitigators w/ larger health pools once geared up.
    3. Managing their mitigation takes more finesse than pallies or DKs, which is extra hard if you're running 5.
    4. Blinding Light not breaking on holy damage makes it superior to Incapacitating Roar.
    5. No Blood Elf racial silence. War Stomp seems decent, but the windup time makes it annoying.
    6. Having one resto kind of sucks. It impacts your trash damage (single target resto can perform OK damage though), and the biggest problem is their squishiness. It's also my resto that's in trouble. I may want to run with a prot pally healer instead of a resto druid for ease of placement.

    TLDR; They have a harder rotation / mitigation strategy to manage, can't touch prot pally heals, but have an awesome mobility cooldown x 5 with stampeding roar.

    Unless prot pally healing gets a big nerf, I can't see any other comps beating them. Druids certainly seem viable though.

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