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    Default Serpentrix

    Having huge trouble with this guy. Everything else in the dungeons is fine, but this boss is a roadblock for me - even on normal.

    How are you guys handling the movement to the random spawn sites? And how about the targetting whilst also handling the heals for the AoE damage? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I beat him on my 5 pali tank team with ease. Couldn't get him down on my pali tank/disc priest/frost mage/ele shaman/dest warlock team, tried a dozen times all fails.

    For my 5 pali tank team, I ignored all adds and just DPS'd him, even after he submerged I ignored adds and went right back to boss. When ever he cast the poison I would just spam follow and run in circles around him as they continued to DPS while moving. No wipes on him with this team yet.

    The bind to account tank trinket is a very big help on all bosses. Seems the cooldown is short enough to use multiple times throughout the fight and the shield is awesome.

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    Just focusing on the boss and ignoring adds will probably work in normal and maybe heroic depending on your gear. I've killed serpentrix normal with my 5 hunters by just nuking the boss.
    With my 5 paladins I've killed serpentrix on mythic, there we have to kill the adds I believe. Posted a video on this yesterday.
    Anyway the one thing which makes one survive that fight is to be on the move all the time. Most of the damage taken in that fight is by things which is cast at a characters current location. So if we move, we can either avoid it, or minimize the damage taken by getting out of it really quick.
    So if you have a team which needs to stand still and cast you probably need to be smarter about the movement. The boss selects 1 character which starts spawning pools at that chars location. So you would have to break that char out and move it while the rest of the team are doing their thing.

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    I've been in there with nearly every class for class or profession quests. So far I've only done it on normal.

    My method that works consistently with any class combination? Keep your DPS alive as long as you can and do as much damage as possible before they die. Finish it off with the tank. I've done this many times with either DK or Pally tanks. As long as you keep the tank moving you won't take more damage than your self-healing can deal with. I've found that DKs seem to do better for whatever reason. This kill will take you six minutes or so.
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    Raid targeting is best done via a macro.

    1. Make a macro called "Raid Targets" that prioritizes targets for you in an encounter. Ex: Red snake heads priority and then Boss.
    2. Put this raid target macro in your rotation keymap. In the same place you would have DPS for example.
    3. Toggle it on and off for the slots / roles you want it for. I always used raid target macros for my DPS. Sometimes only range, sometimes only tank.
    4. I have it on a toggle because sometimes you want to do it and sometimes not. Anyway this allowed for switching targets automatically whenever doing DPS. '

    Helpful since the days of blowing up Ice Spheres while multiboxing the Lich King encounter.

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    Just finished EoAzshara this morning, finally, after banging my head against Serpentrix for a while. FYI I am running 4 Blood DK's and a Holy Priest.

    I'd suggest a few things:

    1) Do this encounter first. That way you don't have to deal with the "winds" and lightning effects that start annoying you after you kill 2 bosses.

    2) Prior to the first Submerge, DPS as usual, save cool downs as this is the easy part. The melee rarely get Toxic Wound cast on them, almost every time my Priest gets the message. Since I run with the Priest as main, it is easy to move her around.

    3) After the first submerge, I round up the melee and drive with the priest, instant heals while running to the first Blazing Hydra. DPS and move to the other Blazing Hydra. Then back to Serpentrix. I usually have to pop a defensive ability during this phase to keep up with healing. Once back on Serpentrix, once again the Priest usually gets the Toxic Wound cast on her, but run whichever character gets it to avoid the puddles.

    4) After the second Submerge, I round up the melee, run to the new location for Serpentrix, ignoring the Blazing spawns. Blow all defensive and offensive cool downs, DPS race to the finish.

    YMMV, and honestly, I am not great at this encounter, so take what I suggest with a shaker-full of salt.
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    My paladins struggled with this guy, in particular the part where you run to the new hole he emerges from. My problem initially was that if he was casting the poison spit at the leader, it would hit the followers as they were running behind me. I switched to just using IWT to make everyone run to the new spot and that fixed it for me. Still tricky not falling down into the hole with him, but stacking everyone up and just strafing the whole team when spit lands was enough to get me over the hump on normal. I haven't been back on any harder setting, so I'll defer to others on strats for that.
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    The combination I roll with are two druids and three BM hunters (so pretty much ranged), I have my tank on it's own and all my other toons stacked on the same spot making it easier to avoid stuff however if I get hit by a mechanic, I pretty much die. The highest I've done Eye of Azshara is M15 pre 7.2 while having done Eye of Azshara on M11-M12 during patch 7.2.

    General advise for this guy has pretty much been stated above, everyone has their own way handling the mobility aspect of the fight. As for me, when it comes to getting Toxic Wounds, I usually just move as they spawn (most of the time, the Poison Spit syncs up with this also). My healer has a seperate round robin rejuv spam so I can heal while moving making everything a sinch. All I can say is make yourself extremely paranoid when it comes to movement, if you're standing still you're going to get wrecked.

    Submerge also opens the boss up with a 10-15 second time window where the boss casts Toxic Wounds/Poison Spit; I use this time to kill the arcane add making the remainder of the phase at least manageable. After an add is dead he usually casts Rampage leaving him open yet again to go kill the other add; however I position my tank on the boss and have my toons facing the fire add to nuke down during this window. After this, the boss is pretty much a repeat of phase 1.

    The second submerge is no different except you have to interrupt him off the bat so I save roar for this window to minimise damage/position myself correctly. I usually save my healing CD for this section just to cushion some of the damage. The key to this boss is making the fight mechanically manageable and movement, you won't cop damage from the boss UNLESS you're getting hit by Toxic Wounds/Poision Spit and leave the adds up too long and the damage will be overwhelming.

    In terms of heroic/mythic, you will get to a point where you can just out gear everything. However if you get this boss fight without out gearing it completely it'll make it tons easier to handle during M+. Heck, nowadays I find the other bosses in EoA more annoying than Serpentrix. Unfortunately, I can't really pitch advise on how to handle this boss as a melee heavy group as I haven't run melee group this expansion. :P

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    the big damage will come from your characters being all clumped up.

    make a star formation hotkey and when he casts spread, the damage will be a small Fraction of what it was and the fight is a joke, you can even do it with non healing teams.

    the problem is positioning, you need to align everyone at a 45degree angle, so when you spread the one running forward wont go into the pit... if he does then you have to waste time getting him out.

    you can also make your own keystroke that sends:

    Character 1: nothing
    Character 2: strafe left
    Character 3: strafe right
    Character 4: strafe left and back
    Character 4: strafe right and back

    that's a good enough of a spread and is useful in many other fights.

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