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    Default [WOW] Toons not following on 1-2 of my accounts

    Okay a while ago a glitch showed up on 1-2 of my accounts. Those accounts don't want to let other members of their team follow them when I activate their screen to drive. Baiscally I can move the toon around and still have my other melee crew IWT but when I do the "alt+f" the team doesn't follow. I was working with jstamage in "The Zerg" and we confirmed my keybinds in WOW were clear for the macro from ISBoxer + JAMBA to do its thing but I am perplexed to say the least. And of course the one issue I have is that when I am on my holy pally of course I can't get the toons to follow. Finally it isn't character specific it is account based as I have two of my shaman and one of my ret-pally team that has the same issue. So what do I need to provide to assist in trouble shooting this issue.

    profile is here:

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    Ive got the same problem sometimes but changing FTL modifiers usually helps.

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    cured. Somehow a FTL got messed up. But resolved. Thanks Mirai.

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