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    Default Top Damage Classes currently w/ MoP raiding in mind.

    I currently run 3 ele sham. I fell like they have poor ramp up time and damage on most fights (18k to 36k depending on the aoe damage im guessing, and using mercs macro). So i am kicking around running a new comp besides my shamans.

    I have hit 17 on my 3 mages, but i am debating on starting a new raf setup. I dont mind a mixed group either.

    From a PVE raiding only prospective 4 boxing probably and ranged. From videos i have seen, this is what i have came up with.

    Surv Hunter
    Arcane Mage
    Ele Shaman

    Raidbots shows this differently, but from a boxing perspective we know it changes. I think hunters would out perform mages simply for movement, and with the MoP changes them losing melee range would push them on top. Can i expect to see 70k+ with hunters like i see mages (Beeq) right now? Or am i being to optimistic? Or perhaps a different spec, and which ones would perform best in PvP gear?

    I assume there will be a ton of locks in MoP, and monks(taking up the cloth/leather drops). Thoughts?
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    Beeq does so much DPS as a mage as arcane, which for burst is the highest DPS you can achieve right now I think. BUT, it is not sustained, it's only for 10-30 seconds or so, and you should not expect to get this DPS in a raid. 30k-40k is possible with great gear, and maybe 50 for a shirt fight where you can use your cooldowns at the beginning and the end perhaps.

    I run my 5-10 mages in LFR a lot, and I don't see huge numbers like this without pots, professions etc.

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    So...any comments on the class of choice, or should i blend em like a 2 hunters 2 mages and a shaman?

    Maybe a rogue team?

    No death knights though...
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    At this point you can't say anything yet about how classes will perform in MoP, since damage scaling still needs to be tuned, and we don't know yet what sort of damage each class will do in MoP raid/justice points gear. All you can do is look at the mechanics, and in my opinion ele shamans have some awesome tools in MoP to box pve:

    great group healing & dmg mitigation tools
    incredible burst CD with ascendance
    incredible aoe cd with ascendance
    instant LvB when lava surge procs

    If you have 3x ele shaman, bosses are going to drop like how arcane mages do it currently when you pop ascendance with lust.
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    I agree with zenga. Shamans still look like they will remain awesome for pve boxing. Don't overlook hunters though - I found my hunter really easy to maco and he was my top dps.
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    Yeah i have decided to run an MLS combo 3box. I found a guild that was decently progressed that is still running firelands, and were wanting me to join them. Should be interesting, but i will be the only ranged classes minus a hunter. So i figured id run a few extra buffs for myself.

    He is also interested in setting up a seperate 10 man so i can 5 box it. Will see how it goes. Ill bounce around KJ and this other server im sure.

    This a good idea? Or should i try to stick with 3 of the same class?
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