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    Default Lock mage, combo - new to boxing

    I just started boxing this morning, using isboxer. I have the setup complete and understand most of it. (just need to read a bit more). Now my goal is to finish leveling my lock currently afflic, and an arcane mage. Now based on what i've read so far afflic locks are a bit tricky to set up macro's for, I'm looking for the easiest way to do this setup. Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated.



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    Welcome forumrider. ISboxer its powerful. It's like one of those Civ4 games in the fact thats easy to learn difficult to master.

    You said you were interested in some reading?

    Khatovar's Guide to Multiboxing vol 1

    Khatovar's Guide to Multiboxing vol 2

    Ualaa's ISBoxer Guide

    Mirai's Video Tutorials

    Detailed wiki on some tweaks most used in isboxer

    Take it one step at a time.

    I've been using isboxer for years but i struggle with some things. I have a huge list of things i'd like to fix and incorperate in my profile buti haven't been able figure out how to get them working. isboxer has a some what high learning curve. How do you eat a Wale? One bite at a time.

    So generally I recommend learning and incorporating one new skill at a time until you master it. Ideally at the beginning of each day I pick a portion to improve and tweak. Whether it be an addon, or a macro, or some kind of control feature.

    Depending on what your trying to accomplish really compels you to learn more or learn less. Questing? Grinding? non boosted instancing, Instance Boosting? If your toons are low level then instance farming and instance boosting is out of the question. There are some exceptions but most instances require a tank and healer.
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    Ok, I've been playing around with this for a bit now and I am now having issues where half of my main screen is stuck showing one thing. It will show my action bars and half my toon in one position but i'm actually moving... I've tried playing with the monitor layout and it just doesn't seem to be working? is it because it's the free 7 day trial or is there something else to it?

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    We don't know anything at all about your setup. What kind of system are you trying to use? RAM? Video Card? Just the two toons? What is your ISBoxer config?
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    Cannot really answer that...

    If you go to the File menu, in the Toolkit.
    And copy your profile to the clipboard (remember to hide your account names)...

    And then paste that (without line numbers) on
    And copy the URL it gives.

    If you include that...
    And make a post in the Software Forum, with the IS Boxer tag.
    You'll get someone who is knowledgeable of IS Boxer's workings, and who has the tools to look at what you have done or not done...
    And they can give you a better answer.

    I never used the trial; just went with the year subscription initially.
    So cannot really answer what is different on the trial than the regular version.
    I don't believe there is any differences, aside from priority downloading of updates for subscription users.

    What kind of a system are you using?
    How high are your settings for Warcraft.

    Your monitor should follow your character, so we know something is wrong.
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    Sorry for Such a crappy post, But I think I got it. my graphic's settings were set all the way up. lowered them and now things seem to be going smoothly. Still a bit glitchy, every now and again when I switch screens, but it's an easy fix. Next time, I have a question, i'll be sure to give more detail.

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    Start with... google...
    Search for +Describe Your Issue.

    That can solve a lot of stuff.

    But more details is good.
    And questions are good too, if you cannot find a solution via search.

    It's better to ask, and get an answer than to be frustrated.
    Or whatever.
    There's a pretty good support group/resources here.
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