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    Default Dealing with over aggro issues

    I'm looking for some fancy tricks / tips how you guys deal with over aggro issues. Just assembled a fresh team (druid tank 3x ele 1x resto shaman). 2 shamans and the tank recently dinged, got as many BOE's on the druid as I could from the AH, and he is up for taking a beating. The problem I run into is my existing ele shaman. Even waiting 10s into the fight before he starts casting is to no avail. He'll draw aggro within seconds. The problem is that I need him to make up for the crap gear of the other 2.

    Not sure what my question is ... but there might be some slick isboxer config trick someone used to turn of shit for a bit, warnings, etc ... that makes dealing with this a bit easier.

    Can a feral tank get away with using double dps trinkets?

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    Isn't it wind shear that lowers your aggro as a shaman? Maybe you should build that into your DPS macro.

    Otherwise for shaman, Ahnk is a pretty awesome threat dump :_)

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    That could be indeed a solution, macro wind shear into the rotation. I that doesn't do the trick I might need to replace a shaman with a hunter for misdirect.
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    I thought like vengeance and threat buff solved this problem? Otherwise just get the druid more gear. Farm a BG weekend or something and convert to JP
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    The wind shear is good in theory but not very practical after some first tries. To me it doesn't feel at all that the vengeance buff is still in place. (druid shaman the druid can clearly use some more gear, might have to run him solo through some instances first I guess).
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    Problem: If Master requires to switch targets often before targets are even dead. For example if your driving from the tank and maintaining aggro to all the mobs around. Then you have the problem where your DPS chases your masters target.

    •Your tank is taking excessive damage. mobs are staying alive longer because damage to mobs is somewhat spread across multiple mobs out instead of focused on one at a time.
    •your dps not focus killing one target at a time?
    •Your toons are not taking out the most dangerous target first.
    •idle time between death of a mob and dps acting on next target

    Solution: ZorbatheGeek's guide can solve all those problems. He creates 3 targeting "modes" that can:

    1- Normal Assisting - default FTL assist master
    2- Assist and Hold Assisting - assists master only if current target is dead. Essentially a 2 target kill que.
    3- assist focus and hold - attacks focus target regardless untill its dead, then attacks and holds onto next target. Essentially a 2 target kill que.

    using a toggle button. (that i keep on my mouse) You can switch between these modes quickly depending on the situation.
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    Double agility DPS trinkets should be fine for a druid tank as long as it's health pool is big enough for you, druid threat since Firelands has been out-of-control so maybe you need to look at your rotation too?

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