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    I do the Therazane and Tol Barad dailies almost every day on one squad of 5 and that's plenty to keep me above water.
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    I agree with what zenga and newbie916 said. Everyone knows you can farm or do dailies for gold, but if you want to learn how to make money at the auction house either by flipping or through use of your professions then the references they suggested are what I would use. Specifically I would start with studying and learning trade skill master.

    I have always considered myself pretty good at playing the AH game, but recently decided to take it to another level when I xferred from a dead server to a "full" server. It has been great entertainment and I consider it a game within the game.

    My specific tips would be..
    - If you are doing ore shuffle, get orecrusher2 mod to see how much gold you can make from each ore type
    - Transmog market is still good, but waning and very server dependent. If you get into selling xmog, I would start with plate and try to mostly stick with the sets that drop in kalimdor.
    - The 77-80 twink/leveling cata gear market can be good also, as newbie suggested. I normally buy pieces up to 100g and sell them for either 300 or 400g. This is normally about 4-5k a day for me with minimal work.
    - Dark moon faire replica gear. Last DMF I used my army of alts to turn in the quest items needed to get tickets. Use the tickets to buy the replica gear, which I dont think alot of ppl realize is boe. Sell replica gear for retarded price. Specifically for me I bought all the quest items at very low prices during the month, when the faire wasnt going on. I bought 2 sets of gear, one heroism and one soulforge. Only the heroism has sold so far, but it was for 30k for 6 pieces. I didnt buy the wrist or belt since wrists dont show and belt can be replaced easily. I think I spent about 2k on the quest items.
    - Also, be patient. Most of the time it is better to take a week or even a month and get the right price for an item, then to keep lowering the price each time you list it.
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    this time of the yr because a new xpac is now in beta and people are slowing down is still awesome for making Gold... because people to me it seems are hammering their alts, or levelling new ones they are making or made, and seems people are switching profs for MOP...

    I am sitting at 840k on my main, and spread across a bunch of other toons might be oh I dont know 400k or so, and I do what I enjoy... gems, and de, ore shuffle... love it, especially x5 toons prospecting ahahahaaha... its fast, 1 can sit in AH and spam rubies and other cuts, while 3-4 toons are prospecting and or making jewellry and de'ing it, and selling as raw mats and or scroll chants.. Wednesday Night I hit the AH hard and made close too 50k, so definitely a hell of alot of gold to be made through gems because we just had the 20% nerf buff hit so next 1-2 weeks or so people are killing more bosses they couldnt kill before..

    I have spectral tiger on my main toon, and plan to make the new mop jc mount ASAP, just cause I like mounts... and too show off cause I can lol.

    Ive spent alot of gold over the last 6 months, and then made a tonne more back again... its for me always up and down, as I like to make alot then i tend to spend alot.. now im hanging onto it for MOP and pushing hard in JC/Chant area while its still making me alot of gold so come MOP i can just level, dungeon, raid comfortably and buy whatever mats for profs and newest flashy gear asap and so forth.

    I also did the truegold xmute x5 when it was worth alot now its pure gems, ore for me and wed/thur's and yielding alot of gold just the way I like it.

    Oh im on high pop realm too...

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    I agree hannibal!! I get so bored of grinding dailies and ore/cloth etc and I am finding playing the ah to be far more fun!

    Thanks for the tip on DMF replicas! i didnt think of that! what have you found to be the best turn ins for tickets? can i buy multiple of the same item and keep turning them in or can the quest only be completed once?? I'm not entirely sure how it works but i shall look into it aswell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ualaa View Post
    I made 800K in 2 months, by doing Alchemy transmutes on 37 toons across my teams.
    Took around an hour a day.
    I think I'd rather spoon my eyeballs out.

    To each their own I suppose.

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    One addition to other good posts here is the need to keep the lowest cost items on the AH. You won't sell much if other goblins are constantly posting the same items at prices lower than your own. At least on my low pop server, this is a big issue. We have numerous goblins and camp and repost at lower price. TSM makes reposting easier, but plan on needing to repost on low pop servers to get sales over the goblins.

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    While it's not nearly as much as some methods posted here, I enjoy clearing naxx/obs/ulduar/voa each week on one of my 85 teams. approx 180g per boss kill.

    Then the 12 alchy xmutes Life -> Air each day. my server gets me 9-10g profit each item. 1620-1800g not inc AH cut.
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    So I have been away from Wow for over a year and just returned. With transmutes, is it still transmute volatile life to volatile air which is the best option or is there now a better transmute?
    Thanks in advance

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    Check for your server on (thanks for the link btw, Newbie916. I love it already).
    for my server, Truegold sells at 120g profit at the moment. So over 12 alchys, 1440 for Truegold vs 1600-1800 for Vol Air.
    But mostly for me its that I can sell Vol Air much easier. List 18 stacks of 10 and come back the next day and it's sold, whereas Truegold is a never ending undercut fest.


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