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Thread: My latest team

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    Default My latest team

    Just finished reaching 85 on my 5 x hunter team.

    I must say it was my favorite team to level. I could take them through dungeons when I was bored with questing, very easy with 5 x Gorillas tanking. Even went through stonecore at level 84 with no problems.

    Next group is mages x 5, and druids x 5.

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    I'd level the Druids as Feral.

    Put IWT in the DPS spam.
    And use something like:

    /castsequence reset=combat Mangle(Cat Form), Rake(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form), Rip(Cat Form)

    That leveled faster than any other composition I've done to date.
    Once you get Leader of the Pack, the crits will basically keep you healed without worrying about anything else.

    You can 5x Rejuvenation (as a damage absorb, basically) if you need to.
    And 5x Lifebloom is very strong healing between pulls.

    You should have full mana after a pull, if you need healing.
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    While 5 Druids were fairly fast, I feel 5 dks are a lot faster. Howling blast spam and things die before I even get to melee range. Both teams were leveled 80-85 by questing and boosted 1-80 when I had RAF.

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    Can 5 hunters run any of the lvl 85 instances? Sounds like a fun comp.

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    druids are looking good in 5.x looks like its going to be a fun group again.

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    Consider moonkin leveling 5x druids. It may be easier than trying to coordinate melee class team imho. I've leveled ranged teams and melee teams and while the IWT comments are critical to doing it, ranged I believe is still a bit easier when multiboxing. 5.x as stated will make this even easier with new avoidance capability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3box View Post
    Can 5 hunters run any of the lvl 85 instances? Sounds like a fun comp.
    My hunter team has completed all the regular dungeons up to lost city of tovir, have not tried that one yet. To answer your question..... Probably they can, once you are geared well enough.

    Some bosses that require moving the boss are very tough. Fighting Karsh Steelbender in blackrock caverns is a good example, it took me a dozen tries to down him. Seems easy enough to move your pets using the "move to" command but if all your camera views arent facing exactly the same you wipe.

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    I level my druids as Balance these days. I did feral 1-80 back in WotLK but balance is too, too easy and you don't have to worry about melee reach/pathing problems (or IWT runaways when killing stuff on a cliff).

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    The only real differences between melee and ranged...

    You need to manage the IWT/CTM for melee.
    And as a caster, you're limited by your mana.

    If you don't want runners, push your IWT key once.
    Wait for your toons to get close to the target.
    And then you can spam, and it won't cause any movement, until the mob moves.

    Then again, caster mana is less of an issue for a Druid because of Innervate.
    And with five casters, you effectively have 5x the mana regeneration rate.

    I personally found 5x Druids to level a lot faster, as Feral, than any other comp I've ever leveled.
    But I can see the attraction, to playing casters... they're slower but easier too... just face the right direction and Starfire x1 or Wrath x2 (with 5 toons).
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