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    Default Cata: Dragon Soul

    Sprry if there was already a thread for this, but is anyone boxing Dragonsoul (Non LFR) interested in trying to do it, just seeing everyones though's stratagies

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    There are some doing it.

    There were some others I believe but I am having trouble finding links to them now. The videos might give you an idea of the strategies used. Maybe one of the guys will be able to give some pointers as well.

    What group are you trying it with? Not sure if you are alreading doing this but running LFR (either boxing, or individually) will help out with gear to overcome the 10 Man normal version.
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    Raith, Kang, and I did the first three bosses last week. After wiping on the 2nd boss a few times, we went back last Monday and one-shotted the first three bosses. We have so many geared toons we get to try things multiple times a week. Haven't tried boss 4+ yet. As for soloing, I've soloed Morchok since before there were any boss nerfs and am certain I could solo the slime boss. Bubble/ball boss would be much tougher imho.
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