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    Has anyone used a shadow tank at all? Im curious how light armor and tank go together.
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    I have with my three ops for my steath team. Haven't gotten a ton of experience with them since they are only level 26, but he's doing fine holding aggro and taking damage so far. And the dual lightsaber is definitely cool.
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    I prefer shadow tanks. Currently MT with mine in raids. Works very well as you get talents that take you to the same armor as the other tanks. They do play different then guardians. My vanguard is low level so not sure how to compare them yet.

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    Thanks guys! I have a lvl 29 shadow that I'm thinking of pairing up with a sentinel that I have on the same server and using the shadow as a tank. I'll probably 2 box them to 50.
    You better Trek yourself before you wreck yourself!

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    My first 50 is a shadow tank.
    "Again, with the rocks!"
    This is the one I do real tanky stuff on when I'm not 2boxing dailies; I remember the first time I joined a flashpoint with someone else and they said "Shadows are more like WoW rogues; they have light armor and stealth and backstab. They're not tanks; Guardians are tanks".
    That person was mistaken, and has thankfully stopped playing SWTOR. We're not rogues; we're feral rogues.
    Now, as a tank, I'm rockin' close to 25000 HPs and sometimes beat 2-3 DPS on the meters. I love the toolkit we have; we have sap-style CC, another 6-second CC, a 4-second single-target stun, a 2-second knockdown, and an AoE knockback. We can death grip. We also have the ability to self-heal, which other tanks lack (Guardians can do it a little now, but not as often as we can). Sometimes you can fire off that Project-Slow Time-(Single strike or double strike)-Project-Telekinetic Throw combo so fast you're healing yourself for 12% of your health every 6 seconds.
    Plus, 3 defensive cooldowns: "Resilience", The one that makes you immune to force/tech, "Deflection", the one that increases ranged/melee defense by 50% (buffing my defense to over 70%), and "Battle Readiness" which increases how often your other heal proc goes off (+425 health). Add relics and adrenals and you can constantly have some kind of extra defense buff up.
    Since you've hit 29, you've got Holiday CCing for you now. That's just awesome.

    Pic related: It's my shadow in her hot new (and only slightly bugged) robe.

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    I love my shadow tank, the lower levels can be rough, but for multiboxing and running solo they are great for multi target and single target agro ability. I have no problem with damage reduction, i use Biochem so i get more endurance and def from my companions craft. I will say there is nothing like an invisible tank,i can cc, get setup and not have many problems while multi-boxing or running with other people. I have noticed that I do enjoy pvp also, i have been attempting some multibox pvp with 4 players it is tough if you lose one, but 2 boxing is great, it is really hard for people to get close to me running two sorc as they spam the poor target with incredible damage.

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    How is the shadow tanks for heroic content in boxing? I had a 50 assassin tank in beta back in August but I remembered them to be very pro active in their DR's compared to other tanks so I avoided them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackshifter View Post
    How is the shadow tanks for heroic content in boxing? I had a 50 assassin tank in beta back in August but I remembered them to be very pro active in their DR's compared to other tanks so I avoided them.
    From my experience they are good, I think allot of people have trouble mostly about boxing Heroics is that they neglect the tank to keep an eye on dps and heals. I took a few weeks of playing a high lvl assassin tank before I tried to MB one into my group it really helps to fully understand there abilities and work them in IMO.

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    I am one of those that keep an eye mostly on dps rotations and healers but I don't have any issues with heroics. But then again I run it with 2 pc's so I can move my tanks and healer separately, so it makes movement fights much easier.

    After taking a look at your dps specs now I see how you configured them. My sages are balance dot spec'd. They run oom really fast if you don't pay attention to their rotations.

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    ya mine are pretty good on mana, but they still pump out some nice dps, I do however hate the cast move fights like, cademinu or however u spell it at the end.

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