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    sometimes when i swap windows this happens. anyone idea what is it? it says something about memory but it only recently started happening last week. before that it was fine.
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    Unlikely this has anything to do with ISBoxer. Of the two times I saw this here, one was a disk drive going bad and the other was faulty RAM settings.
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    Error 132 is generic.
    As in, it isn't a specific error that has its own number.

    Unfortunately, it can be a lot of things but ram is a frequent culprit for error 132's.

    You could try the Repair tool.
    If you delete the Launcher.exe and then run Repair, it will force the tool to actually do something.
    I've had instances in the past where the deletion of Launcher has had Repair fix an error which it otherwise would not fix.
    Not saying that is the case here, but doing so won't hurt you either.

    You could try a stress test for your ram.
    Not sure that is your issue though.
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    I 2nd (3rd) it's likely a RAM / Drive issue. I've had the same issues with 132's on windows swap before. Ended up being a memory issue. I'd run Memtest86 on it for a good bit and if that passes snag a smart drive utility that can give you the Smart status of your drives.

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    Your window swapping macro may or may not be causing this. More specifically, it might be terrainMipLevel doing it upon switch. That's just kind of a wild guess...

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    I had this issue when I had my AH add-ons active on all 5 toons. Since turning the AH add-ons off on all toons, expect on my Bank/AH ones, this has gone away when boxing.

    I still occasionally get the error when I have multiple bank toons up, but not very often.

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