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Thread: starting team

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    i want something that will be kinda easy
    should healer be master or tank?

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    Shamans are good because they wear mail making them tougher to kill, plus they can self heal in emergencies. 4 x Chain Heal is quite handy.

    I made my tank the master, but some people have had good luck making the healer the master. With todays threat mechanics its easier to tank.

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    In general, most people find these to be (easier to harder)...

    Boxing a tank:
    Paladin > Druid > Death Knight > Warrior

    Boxing a healer in PvE content:
    Holy Priest > Druid = Disc Priest = Shaman > Paladin

    Boxing a healer for PvP:
    Paladin > Priest > Shaman > Druid

    For PvE play, some suggested teams (play whatever you like though):

    Pally Tank + 3x Elemental Shaman + 1x Holy Priest.
    Pally Tank + 3x Elemental Shaman + 1x Warlock (any spec) or Boomkin Druid.
    Druid Tank + 3x Elemental Shaman + 1x Resto Druid.
    Druid Tank + Arcane Mage + Warlock + Elemental Shaman + Holy Priest.

    The basic formula is Pally or Druid tank (easy to macro, drive with this toon and essentially mash one button and position/face the boss as desired)...
    Go with a non-Paladin healer, as Disc or Holy Priest and Shaman and Druid are fairly mobile and have fairly strong AoE heals...
    And any three ranged DPS that you like, with Elemental Shaman being easy to macro and providing strong buffs via the totems.

    3x Elemental, can function as your healer, instead of having a healer class.
    If you go that route, either a Boomkin or a Warlock will increase your spell damage via (Earth & Moon, passive from Druid DPS.... or Curse of the Elements, from any Warlock spec).
    You could also dual-spec one of the Shaman, to be Resto and Elemental.

    Melee classes can work for the 3x DPS if you want.
    But they're a bit harder, because they'll get hit by point-blank boss abilities or boss cleave attacks etc.

    For PvP play:

    5x The Same Class, is generally good.
    4x DPS (especially ranged) with 1x Healer, is generally good.

    5x Elemental Shaman.
    4x Elemental Shaman & 1x Boomkin Druid
    3x Elemental Shaman & 2x Boomkin Druid

    1x Holy Paladin & 4x Frost Death Knight
    1x Holy Paladin & 4x Ret Paladin
    1x Holy Paladin & 4x Enhance Shaman
    1x Holy Paladin & 4x Arms/Fury Warrior
    1x Other Healer & 4x (One of the above).

    5x Feral Druids
    5x Ret Paladin
    5x Frost Death Knights
    5x Hunters
    5x Warlocks
    1x Healer + 4x (One of the above).

    During your RAF, get a whole lot of combos to 80th.
    Even if you're not sure what you want to play, it opens options down the road.

    You might have zero interest in Mages now.
    But spending 12-15 hours, over 3-4 days, to get them to 80th during RAF...
    Is going to be preferable to spending 50-60 hours, over two weeks, when you decide to do a Mage team two years from now.
    (Not saying a team is 12-15 hours or will be 50-60 hours either, but the relative time between the two is close enough).

    It doesn't hurt to have a lot of class combinations.
    Those are teams you might play down the road.
    You could RAF level 5x Hunters, 5x Druids, 5x Priests, etc...
    And then once they're max level, decide what to mix to make your teams.

    Having a lot of characters, lets you go Alchemy on a bunch of them too.
    And that is very easy passive gold, via transmutes.
    I made 800,000 gold, in around an hour a day for two months, near the start of Cataclysm.
    Mindlessly easy, and I still have around half that on the main server and 100K transferred to Magtheridon with the Pally & 4x DK team.
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    well for a few days im going to try a pally 3 shammys and priest
    and see how that goes for me

    ive already got one 85 pally and one 85 dk and 85 rogue
    i need 85 lock and mage so ill prob throw in lock mage an druid at some point

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    well i got bored using my pally an 3 shammys an preist.
    i strated boosting with my dk the pally 2 shammys an priest.
    they are all 68 and kinda getting bored with them now.
    not sure if i should land them to 80 and park them

    ive got a lock and a mage the lock is 36th lvl and
    the mage was 46th but i granted her one levling testing.
    so now hse is 47th level i thought about transfering the lock.
    granting him some levels i coul get him to near 70.

    i really should have added a lock an mage.

    im htinking i want to add a lock and mage to boost.
    but im not sure what else to add in the mix
    or just boost 4 locks then 4 mages

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    During RAF, get as much as possible to 80th.

    If one team is more fun than another, boost that team first.
    But the goal is lots of 80s, while it's much faster/easier to level them.
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    so should i boost couple to say 30 or so then lvl them from there on or ???

    im thinking about finding a place with other boxers or trying to get other boxers to where im at

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    In the US, lots of boxers on Magtheridon Horde and a lesser amount on Kil'jaeden Alliance.
    In the EU, lots of boxers on Outland Alliance and a lesser amount of Grim Batol Horde.
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    Twitter: @Ualaa

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    i might continue my team on magtheridon i got 5 druids there lvl 5.
    start leveling toons there wouldnt mind running some dungeons with other boxers.

    now all of a sudden im having fun with my team again guess just had a downhill slide.
    the ding to 70 is right around the corner should i run a few heriocs an start gettin gear for the team
    im thinking about going ahead and granting my lock to there level also be 1 pally 1 lock 2 shammys and priest

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    Just level to 80th...
    Don't worry about gearing, while you have RAF... unless you're done leveling toons.

    Once you're done leveling...
    You'd gear at whatever level you want to play.
    If you want a 70-74 twink, at 70th, that's fine to gear at that point.
    Ultimately, if you're planning on end-game, gear means nothing until you're 85th.
    My Guide to IS Boxer
    Streaming in 1080p HD:
    Twitter: @Ualaa

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