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    Default A new alliance team

    I started 5 boxing again a couple of weeks ago , and i got my Horde team (paladin,3Xshaman,priest) up to lvl 43, and i am thinking about starting an alliance team to , and i want to try some a bit different then 3 shamans.

    I got some Heirlooms to use , and i want to use them as well as i can,

    My Heirloms:
    1 tank plate set with weapon
    1 healer/dps Cloth set with mace
    3 x leather caster sets with staffs
    1 Agi leather set with a gun 2 knifes and a 2h mace

    Now i was wondering what kind of team i could put together with this, that would work

    I could do a full druid team, but eclipe is a pain
    I could just do a Paladin , shaman priests team , but i already got one,
    i could do a mixed team, paladin tank, shaman dps, mage dps, hunter dps, and druid healer,

    But i am a bit unsure about what will work, i need something easy to macro in to a spam and proc macro, and i need an easy healer,
    so i was hoping that some more experienced Multiboxers could give me some hints about this ,

    Thank you Alkafir

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    If you havent picked a realm yet, and if your on EU servers, feel free to come to Ravencrest

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    I've really enjoyed:
    - 5x Feral and 5x Resto Druids (same team).
    - 4x Death Knights + 1x Paladin (Heals).

    When I was doing a PvE team, my favorite was:
    - Prot Paladin, Demo/Destro Lock, 3x Shaman (2x Elemental, 1x Elemental & Resto dual-spec).

    My current PvE teams (just leveling them, not doing heroics) are:
    - Blood DK, Holy Priest, Arcane Mage, Destro Lock, Elemental Shaman.
    - Boomkin/Feral Druid, 3x Elemental Shaman, 1x Elemental/Resto (dual-spec) Shaman.

    It looks like Warlocks and Ret Pallies will be amazing in the expansion.
    Not sure if you want to have a set of either available on one faction or both.
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    I assume you have a complete team already that you run through dungeons for justice points to buy the heirlooms. If so you could just keep running dungeons for a day or two to purchase heirlooms to make up for what you are missing.

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    I got most of my Heirlooms during Wrath with my paladin, 3 Spriests,shaman healer then got the last pits when cata came , by doing solo pvp.

    The idea then was to do a full druid team , but then i learned of something called Eclipse :-P, and that made it a bit harder .

    I realy wish there was an addon that would change actionbar when i got solar/lunar eclipse,

    my worst concern is the healer, i guess if i got a mage,hunter shaman, as dps it would be easy, as there macro's are easy to do , but i am unsure if a druid would be good as a healer,

    but i guess i should just try it out

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    If you're still considering Druids, go Feral not Boomkin, at least for leveling.
    Leveling 5x Feral Druids, via questing, was easily the fastest 5-box group I've ever leveled.

    There is basically no down time, because with five very high DPS characters, almost everything dies immediately.
    Once you get Leader of the Pack, the passive healing on criticals will keep you in good shape against anything except higher level elites.

    I was using a pretty simple combo.
    Assist + IWT (on press).
    And a macro (on release).
    /castsequence reset=5 Mangle(Cat Form), Rake(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form), Mangle(Cat Form), Rip(Cat Form)

    Didn't bother messing with facing (can Mangle/Rake/Rip) from the front or back.
    Didn't bother with Shred/Ravage (from the rear arc).

    I had a macro for Kitty-Charge > Ravage, but aside from PvP at max level, didn't use it.

    Collection quests are relatively simple as any spec Druid.
    If it is a ground spawn, you can gather while in flight form.
    Meaning you don't have to clear anything, just don't totally land.
    If its kill so many mobs, as long as there is a good supply... you kill very quickly.
    My Guide to IS Boxer
    Streaming in 1080p HD:
    Twitter: @Ualaa

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