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Thread: 1.2 and beeping

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    Default 1.2 and beeping

    There seems to be a new skill spam warning introduced in 1.2. This is incredibly annoying. Anyone find a way to turn this off, besides turning down the fx volume?

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    lol, can't fix camera's but new added functionality with like an annoying beep for people who like to spam (ME!).

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    Yes, very annoying and can only switched off together with rather important sounds.
    Even for solo play this beep offers absolutely no value. Bioware continues its strategy of implementing stupid ideas.

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    Would be nice to turn off this new sound, but I'm kind of used to it now. My bigger issue is all the red combat text errors I get while spamming attacks which obscure the enemies and their health bars. Not a huge deal, but not optimal.
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    I'm not sure how someone could get used to it. TOR seems to handle so few sounds at once that adding that and spamming at a decent pace seems to cut out almost all other sounds... it's particularly annoying when you're used to having someone else in the group and using audio queues to figure out what he's doing (like certain casting sounds that I just don't hear any more). It's also pretty irritating (both to me and others) when you've got voice chat going.

    I really hope they give us an option to shut this off. The red text I can live with, but the beeping has me playing with sound off most of the time now.

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