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Thread: mist groups

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    Default mist groups

    With the new expansion soon landing what r ur panda plans. I'm running 5 shadow priests and wondering is anyone else doing it on alliance. Looking for groups to roll av with. Let me know.
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    I'm going with three teams, as my "primary"... although one of them will eventually become the team for the expansion.

    I have the:
    - Pally (Heals)
    - 4x Frost Dk's.
    ... This team doesn't really lose anything significant, and adds enough to get excited about... plus they already have 35K honor kills, towards the 100/150K titles.

    I have:
    - 5x Druids, I like both Feral (less so, once Berserk and PowerShifting were both nerfed to shit) and surprisingly 5x Resto... ; Boomers look like fun in the expansion too.
    ... Being able to heal (NS, +150% effective Healing Touch... on Round-Robin, with a 1 min CD) without dropping Cat Form will help, as will getting Disentanglement and a few other toys.

    I am leveling:
    - 5x Holy Paladins, which are strong but boring so far; Ret looks like it could be fun in the expansion too.
    ... Rets look to be quite dominant, assuming they go live in their current beta form; and 5x Holy will be an excellent change of pace spec.

    The other teams are pretty much at least 80th, so they'll be able to level alchemy to 600.
    So not really playing any of the others that much.
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    4 dks + hpal
    4 rets + warrior
    4 shammies + friend

    are what i will be playing, primarily i am going to play ret + ret + dk though.
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    Monks look like they could be viable PvP-wise except that a lot of their skills revolve around or, at least, interact significantly with their statues. You need two statues up for maximum effect and they have a 5 second cast time. I don't understand how Blizzard can justify that kind of burden on a melee class. Even in PvE, how often do you have 10 seconds to spend buffing yourself whenever you need to reposition? Pretty poor design, IMO.

    The amount of passive AoE healing you can put out through damage with two statues up is pretty nuts, though. Hopefully I'm missing something and there's a glyph or talent or something that reduces the cast time.
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    I haven't decided yet between 5x shammies, 5x DK, or 4x DK and 1 Holy Pally...
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    Im going siriuz with 4 ele shamans + friend

    And for fun, im gonna play my 3 rets + 1 DK + friend

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    If I could pick, I'd get Blizzard to make Shockadins viable and play four of them <3 So much fun in BG's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shodokan View Post
    primarily i am going to play ret + ret + dk though.
    Same here. I see a high ceiling with the comp for many seasons to come and its semi boxer friendly.
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    These appeal to me so far:

    Shaman(leaning toward resto), Ret Paladin, Shadow Priest for 3's
    3 dk's
    4 dk's and find a healer
    5 hunters for bg's(or 4 hunters + shaman)

    Probably will do the hunters first. The other groups look strong, but nowhere near as fun.

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    I always seem to fall into the launch of an expansion and decide on the fly, trying to be more focused this time.

    At 85 I have a PVE pally x 4 shaman, a PVE mixed group (dk priest lock mage and druid), and a PVP pally x 4 dks. I will probably start with the pvp team and try to get ahead of the gear curve rather than trying to catch up. I just can't to seem to co-ordinate the fights in cata like I could in WoTLK and can't get back into PVE.

    Also, trying to stick to one team and get them farther along on the curve than just 3 ok teams. I'll probably try to have 4k honor/jp saved on them. Anyone remember if it helped at the begininng of Cata to have honor/jp at the launch? Or it didnt matter until max level?

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