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    Anyone watch this show?

    I just started watching it. Finished the first season....very nerdy...very funny for the vintage nerds like myself...who remember levels of NES games better than actual life events that happened a year ago.

    I approve this show. Its stupid and nerdy. lots of pot though for you drug junkies.
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    I love you whores!

    I didnt know this show was still on? What channel???

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    I saw it on net flicks. Hopefully its still on.....i seen commercials for g4 tv.
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    I love that show as well, watch it on netflix all the time.

    Thought it was cancelled, no more episodes. But not sure about that.

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    i finally got around to researching this, and it only ran 2 seasons...sad days.
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    They had some great guest stars. Creators of various popular games, even Steve Wozniak co-founder of Apple was in the pilot.

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    i know....was bitchin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by candlebox View Post
    i know....was bitchin.
    I love Code Monkeys. If you are looking for another good nerdy show on Netflix, check out "The IT Crowd".

    It is British comedy, so expect the unexpected.
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