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    Default 2 screens on 1 nVidia 9600 GT = problems?


    For the past 2 hours Ive been trying to connect a second monitor to my shitty videocard. Trying to extend my desktop to this other screen, but it doesnt seem to work. If I right-click on desktop -> Settings, the only thing I can see is 1 monitor. I do however find the 2 monitors ive connected inside the nVidia Control Panel, but if I disable 1 screen, and I mouse hover over it, it says "This graphic prosessor only supports 1 screen".

    Now, what is this madness? Why cant I use 2 screens on 1 video card such as the 9600 GT? Ive connected both screens with an adapter for each screen. I think its called DVI or something. Any response is highly appreciated


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    Hi Nikita..wish i could be saying i have found the solution to the problem..but i guess like you i have been all over the internet searching to help..with not much i may not be much help and i wont be so dumb as to suggest do you have the latest drivers etc..but from browsing about this..i might have a couple of things you can i say there may be more people qualified than me to sort this..but in mean time..couple of things..

    Are the monitors both the same ?..are they both lcd not the old crt monitors..

    are you going dvi to vga i take it?

    You are using just 1 card..not sli 2 cards...(2 cards wont show the dual-view option for multiple i believe)

    did you install the driver that came with the card first?..i know most people would go with getting the latest driver release..but it may be worth trying the original driver on the disc..( i just have a gtx 680 card..the latest drivers can cause stuttering until they fix it..but the drivers on disc work np..)..just an example..

    have you tried..swapping the dvi cables .. to the monitors?..put dvi from port 1 into dvi port 2? and dvi from port 2 into port 1?

    have you see if the one that does not work..plugged in to the other dvi ..on its plugged in single see if it shows..

    check to see if the card is secure in the slot..most likely is just thinking of anything to try..

    what is your power supply...i did see on searching guy had a low power power supply that may have caused problems with the other monitor..

    just a few things to try..that i can think of..i am not saying this will help..but trying..i know how horrible it can be when things wont work..

    my old geforce had 2 dvi ports the same..connected to 2 vga monitors no problem..i buy this new gtx can run 4 screens yes..but it has 1 male 1 female dvi port lol...couldnt get an vga female adapter...ended up having to buy a new cheap second monitor too lol...

    anyway..hope someone can help wiser and more knowledgeable than me..good luck i hope you get it sorted

    ohh also meant to say..i saw some one suggest..the drivers for the monitors themselves might need an update if you have the disc or can get them from the manufacture site..
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    Agreed, more information ... mode (new egg link) would help.

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    Using 2 different monitors.

    VGA to DVI

    Using 1 video card (nVidia 9600GT)

    Just installed the newest drivers for my card.

    Ive tried swapping em, no difference. Only able to stay in Clonemode.

    Both screens work when running solo.

    Card is secured.

    My PS is crap, only a 550 one.

    May the problem be that I have 1 female and 1 male DVI port? How do I check this? :P

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    hi nikita...well the dvi side of things you would notice straight that..the 2 ports are differant..the old card i had..had these ports..not sure which is male/female..but they are both the same...

    if you scroll down a little you see the end of 2 graphics cards...see the bunch of pins then next to them..the 4 pins with a line in the middle

    whereas my new card had with the 4 pins and a line...and one with no 4 pins and just the i could not attach the second monitor..looked like this..

    3 pic down when you scroll

    so you would know when the vga adapter wouldnt work..

    hmmm..ill try have a look again...

    i know questions,questions..but before this new card..were you running a 2 monitor setup anyway?..with a differant card..?

    as for a solution still no joy..did find this but this will only apply if you have win 7 and more or less saying ,the problem could be different resolutions on each monitor.whether this is the problem i dont know but have a look here..

    wish i could help more (

    as for your ps from what i see on the net..400 watt is about minumum to run the cards so yours is ok..

    extra browsing found this too..

    and this

    quote from link below " I read on some intel forum that Spyware Doctor interfered.... so I uninstalled and reboot, and wa-lah! It worked like a charm. Thanks for the responses.

    Apparently other pctools products interfere with graphics settings."

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