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    Default Scroll of Resurrection to Horde on Grim Batol please


    I'd really appreciate it if somebody could send me a scroll of resurrection for my accounts, Horde side. I'd like to have a look at the game again after a couple of years off.

    The following's a name of a character on each of the accounts - they currently reside on Shadowsong-EU, the invite would have to be sent via battlenet.


    Thank you in advance.
    Shadowsong-EU Horde

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    Hey, and welcome! =)
    Invites are send from Battlenet. I got the message: your invite are queued for validation, your friend should recive the invite shortly (or something like that). If you dont got the invite by tomorrow, let me know.
    The invites are send from my shaman team, if it works =)
    ...also, this is the 4. time i try to reply to this topic, got errors before, dont know why, but if i have answered several time, thats why! =)

    /woko =)
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    Thank you for the invites Mehee, got them! I really appreciate the effort, see you in game!
    Shadowsong-EU Horde

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    Was also looking for a scroll (and didn't think it warranted a new post), could someone please PM on here, to tell me the necessary information I need to give them.

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    i would if i was you Scroll of Resurrection one your self after you put game time on them you get the mount that is now BOB (one ally) (one Horde) most us have the mount am not sure ill ask.

    Holmeser you need to send someone in gimp your email. i think cyr might need the mounts so ill ask him tomz night and get him to pm you.
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    EDIT: Got one, thanks! ^^

    Could anyone with an EU account who would like to send a Scroll send me a PM please?

    Posting here since my post in the thread in the general forum did not seem to be noticed.
    Note that I will not be transferring, just need the scroll, but I will pay for enough time to get you the mount.
    I check here every day for this, so you will have fast response time.
    Thank you.
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