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    Default Rakata Mind Prison - Anyone still active here?

    I just started 4 agents on RMP and was wondering if any fellow boxers were still active there?

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    Based on the overwhelming response I'm going to assume this server is dead... no worries though. I'm starting to get the impression that most of the boxers here are disappointed by tor compaired to wow. I live in Hawaii anyway so I'm sure that nobody would be on when I play except on the weekends. I'm going to continue playing my agents on RMP, but if I spend another 4 hours in a pvp que on a pvp server I might just switch to "the swiftsure". It seems to be pretty full all the time.

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    im on a Dreshdae Cantina, a server that isnt really populated. It has a good amount of Republic when im on it, yet its still pretty dead anywhere else by the fleet.

    im debating rerolling on another server myself, but im still trying to figure out which would be best for me at this time.

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    I'm starting a new group of republic toons on "the swiftsure" if anyone wants to join me. It is the most popular pvp server on the west coast right now by far. I'm usually on around 8 - midnight Hawaii time (11 - 3 am pst) and would love to see some other boxers out there. Or..... if all you RMP guys would start playing again, my agents are still on that server.

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    I could also start there to play Republic. I am from Germany but I am often online in the morning which is your evening/midnight.

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    The more the merrier I say.

    Main on Swiftsure = Apöllö (notice special character 'ö' = alt+0246)
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