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    Default Two Problems: IWT mystery and lazy ranged toon

    First two questions resolved offline. Last question is about ISBoxer's "Do not advance" option in each step, and how it works.
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    Do Not Advance, means it will not move to the next step until the duration selected.
    If the hotkey is: 1... and you have four steps, with an output on each of "1", "2", "3", and "4".

    If you have do not advance for 3 seconds, and are spamming the key...
    You'll get three seconds worth of 1's, then three seconds worth of 2's, etc...

    But you can also check to execute only once.
    Meaning, it only fires off a single "1", and then nothing until it advances to the next step.

    IS Boxer has no way of knowing if your toon was in the middle of a Global Cooldown.
    Or if a given spell was on cooldown.
    So the only fire once condition should be used carefully or with abilities off of the GCD that can always fire off.

    If you were scripting a /say conversation between your toons.
    And wanted to spam the key, but to have each step only /say whatever once...
    That would be a good option.
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    Delays between steps, with regards to spell rotations, basically let you write a fall-through click macro using ISBoxer. This sorta depends on how you have your spell queuing set up.

    Let's take the basic example: "Do not progress to next step for 5 seconds." Let's say for step 1, you have it pressing button 1, where you have your DoT macro going. Your DoT macro might have something like "/castsequence reset=target/3 dot1, dot2, dot3, dot4" (where dot1 might be corruption, insect swarm, etc.). You set the delay so it keeps spamming that macro (and progressing through that button's castsequence macro) until all the DoTs are applied to the target.

    Now, for step 2, you have it spamming button 2 with a delay set to 4 seconds, which spams your intermediate castsequence macro which may have short cooldowns (5-10 seconds or so).

    Now for step 3, you have it spamming button 3 which is your normal spam spells/macro. This step might be set to "Do not progress to the next step." With the "for x seconds" empty/unset, it will stop right there.

    Then you set the advanced option for that mapped key to "Reset to step 1 15 seconds after the first keypress." What this does is reapply DoTs about time they start expiring, then progress through the rest of the macros again as normal.

    That help?
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    Thanks all, didn't see the responses when I resolved the post. I'll put back the pertinent question for the readers.

    And woot to both of you for several new ideas I can use. That helps a lot.
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