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    Default Isboxer melee IWT potential fix

    I have searched around and found a number of posts on melee IWT problems, I'm currently using the spam method to keep the melee swarming around the enemy in pvp.. Although I still get problems between targets.. I have had an idea but don't know if it would be possible to do? I'm not entirely confident with wow macro or if it is possible through Isboxer

    At the end of my spam keymap in isboxer I would like to add a macro that checks if the current target is dead or if no target present and follow the current Jamba master if true:

    If target isn't enemy (dead, friendly or no target)
    then follow Jamba master
    else do nothing (continue with attacking target and IWT)


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    Have you tried the pause Jamba Strobing if in combat?

    This way if you are in combat then they will not try to return to you but as soon as combat ends they will return. Only problem with this is that there is usually a 2-4 second period before you are removed from combat. You can combat this by adding a new pass through key that hits Backward on your alts. This will stop them from moving.

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    IS Boxer has no way of knowing what is going on in the game.
    You can configure your options very intelligently, to do an awful lot in the game.
    But it will have no way of knowing if a spell actually fired off (beyond, was the key sent to the game), whether it hit or was resisted, whether your toon attacked or could not because you were dead...

    There is an option in Jamba to disable Strobe if any toon is in combat.
    And to reinitiate it, as soon as combat ends.
    And you can set the Strobe target to the leader, or to a different target instead.
    If you're driving with the Healer, you could Strobe to the Healer after combat; assuming your toons were in Follow range, that could work.
    If you were out of follow range, I don't imagine Strobe would be any different than /Follow.

    I personally have IWT as a mapped key, that is sent to the current window only.
    And have my melee toons in an Action Target Group, called Melee IWT.

    Then send my IWT (via a Do Mapped Key Action), to the Melee ATG.

    I also have a toggle (two-step mapped key), which enables/disables the Do Mapped Key (that calls the IWT to Current Window, for Melee ATG toons).

    Effectively, I spam any of:
    a) Howling Blast sequence; or
    b) Obliterate sequence; or
    c) Death Strike sequence...
    And my melee toons will IWT whatever my leader is targeting.
    But I can toggle that off... which is very useful when holding a choke point, and not wanting the team to move... or when fighting in an AV bunker and standing on the stairs, rather than running around the "donut ledge" and falling off the rim...

    I also have movement keys which are only sent to the non-active window.
    Which can be used to break movement, such as running off after the target is dead.
    You can also IWT something closer to the healer, or in the direction you want the toons to move... provided it is a valid IWT target.
    I have FTL Follow Me on a Mouse Thumb Button, which is easily accessed...

    The running off is not perfect, but the controls are fairly good to curb/control that behavior.

    For PvE, or when you don't want the team to move...
    You can disable the integrated IWT, and still have the option to manually push it (on a different mapped key) for quest givers or flight paths, etc...
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    Thanks guys.. I am doing just as you described ualaa, although I don't have follow strobing on.. So I shall look into that.. Thanks again

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    I never use Strobe, but it is an option to check out.
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    /follow [notarget] mastertoon
    /follow [dead] mastertoon

    Would that work? I don't know if follow can use conditionals

    Honestly I wouldn't want to do that because when I've sent my melee off, in pvp or pve, I generally want them to attack more than one target at a go, and having them run back halfway through the pull would annoy me

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    Any time mobs/hostile-players are up, just switch your target to that.
    And spam away, which brings your toons back or moves them towards the bad guy.

    The only issue really, is once the bad guys are all dead.
    At which point the slave movement key, can break the run off effect.
    As can a manually initiated follow, if you're quick enough.
    You can also IWT with a lootable corpse.

    Not sure on using conditions with follow.
    Possibly something like: /follow [nocombat] LeaderToon.
    Still, once combat is over, its easy enough to press down arrow (to break the movement) and/or the keybind for follow.
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