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    Default My resto druid four step macros

    This is the second time I've multiboxed with a resto druid and I find the following four step really works fantastically for me (no wipes in northrend dungeons so far) so I thought I'd share. Previously I've sworn by disc priests for levelling but the smoothness of the resto druid has been pretty fantastic. I have two different ways to handle the first step, which I'll elaborate on further below.

    /stopmacro [nocombat]/cast [@focus, nodead] Thorns
    /cast [@focus, dead] Rebirth
    helps the tank get a little more aggro on the pull every 45 seconds, pulls her to her feet if she's died


    /stopmacro [channeling]
    /cast [@focus] swiftmend
    IF the tank has rejuv on her, this casts swiftmend, which makes a nice aoe heal pile around her feet. Sometimes I am autocasting rejuvenation, but sometimes I want to take things a little lighter on mana, so if I wait for the tank to take enough damage for the swiftmend, I know this will heal her up within the next fourstep cycle.


    /stopmacro [channeling]
    /castsequence [@focus] lifebloom, lifebloom, wild growth,  lifebloom, lifebloom, wild growth
    This is the bread and butter rotation that keeps lifebloom up (2 stacks every 8 seconds) and keeps the rest of the group reasonably topped off as well. It is the most mana hungry component, but generally my druid hasn't been running oom, a couple times an instance she'll use innervate before a boss and that's it.

    For my first step I either use

    /focus tankname

    /focus tankname
    /castsequence reset=combat Rejuvenation, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
    The second method is more automated but it triggers the swiftmend cycle so I currently prefer to just use rejuv by hand whenever things get heavier. In case you were wondering, the 0,0, really does work like ,,,, which has been broken for a while but this still seems to work (and is part of the reason I posted this here).

    if you wanted to compress it, you could get away with

    /stopmacro [channeling]
    /castsequence [@focus]  lifebloom, lifebloom, wild growth,  rejuvenation, lifebloom, lifebloom, wild growth, swiftmend
    but here you'd be running without rejuve up 1/3rd of the time

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    All this talk of resto Druids is making me wanna level 5....

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