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    Default [WoW] iPhone/Android App - WoW Toon Wars

    Hi all,

    I've created a phone app to compare/rank WoW toons on a number of ratings (achievements, Hks, Bosskills, iLvl etc..)
    It's a free app, available on the market here:
    - Android:
    - iPhone:

    Here are a few screenshots :

    You can add your toons or any toon you want. There is no authentication needed at any point.

    Latest (android) version includes
    - Guild information
    - Toon average rank and overall toon rankings
    - Filters to see data per faction or realm
    - Graphs of factions and realms representations
    - Favorites
    - recently viewed
    - latest additions
    - Help

    the iPhone version is a bit behind in terms of features but will catch up soon.

    Interested in your feedback.
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    No Feedback? pity

    I've added a few features, some that might even help multiboxers (Guild Filter for example)
    - Rankings can now be filtered by Faction (Horde / Alliance), Region (US/EU), Realm and Guild. See how well you fare within your own guild or realm!
    - Added a page by page mechanism allowing to see all ranks instead of only the top 50
    - Added a Help section
    - Added guild info (name and level) and linked it to the guild Armory page. The guild info is located just under the character header
    - Fixed an issue where accentuated characters wouldn't display correctly in the character names

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    hmmm am a hardcore android user ill check it out later

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    I am an Iphone user are you going to cross platform this thing so that I can DL it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by traedoril View Post
    I am an Iphone user are you going to cross platform this thing so that I can DL it?
    I'm still trying to find a budget to get a Mac, so unfortunately no cross dev at this point :-(

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    Added a Global rank for each toon, modified by the filters applied (your toon could be rank 534324 world wide, but rank 2234 on your server, and #1 in your guild)
    Also fixed some display issues where some elements were clipped

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    Finaly took time to redo the App graphic / icon. Should look something like this:

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    I'm in the iPhone group as well.
    This looks quite interesting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ualaa View Post
    I'm in the iPhone group as well.
    This looks quite interesting
    I really need to get into Iphone dev, but don't have the $800 budget atm (plus being a bit wary to spend that cash not knowing if I'll be able to make what I want)

    anyone know DragonFireSDK ? Iphone/iPad Dev API on Windows PC
    You build the code, they compile it on a mac and send you back the binay app to put on the market.

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    I believe Netbeans allows Iphone app development. You can copy your Android code into it and adjust it based on the IOS 5.1 code needs. I haven't done this personally but I have friends who use it.

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