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    Default Non-Boxing Rated BGs

    Upgraded my desktop recently so now I'm able to stream @ 720. I joined a random PvP guild on my rogue and shaman. I've been doing Rated BGs with the guild. The guild has only been doing RBGs for a couple of weeks. Our MMR runs around 1400-1600 with most of the group around 1500-1600 rated. Here's a couple of highlights from as well as the entire recorded stream from last night (unedited).

    Rogue Flag Carrier in Twin Peaks:

    Ninja Cap Mage Tower in EotS:

    Full unedited stream 1:

    Full unedited stream 2:

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    Nice Stuff Super-

    I think its the best way to play pvp now, for me its much less stressful than arena and your mmr stays with you no matter how much to team hop. I still box 2s arena, but not as much anymore.

    I suggest getting the addon Battleground targets.

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    Yeah the rest of the group uses Battleground targets. I'm going to start using it as well. I'm still pretty fresh to rogue. I was also kind of distracted with RL stuff last night. I went a good bit without poisons during one of those matches >.<

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