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    Default lvl 70 bracket pvp, MB viable?

    well hello there DB! it's been like... 3 years at least, how the hell are ya =P

    i'm back to playing a lil' bit, and most of it boxing. i'm coming to the end of my RAF buff and a couple friends that play in the 70 twink bracket want me to possibly make a team for that purpose... but the last time i played in the 70 bracket i didn't get the impression a boxer would fair well... anyone have any experience boxing in there?


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    There is complete imbalance in any bracket below level 85. Roll an overpowered class and enjoy steamrolling players.
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    My experience has been Dks face stomp everything at the lower brackets.
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    Rogues are insanely OP just like hunters. Prot paladins are pretty nuts as well, and priest shields ... well they are 'real' shields.
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    I have 5 twink priests which I will eventually start playing, they were INSANE (I'm talking multiple consecutive SP perfections + 300hks+) at lvl 60, had to go to 70 to get dispersion again. I'll let you know if I start playing them again. I have full pvp gear, my mate wants me to farm full t6, not sure what would be better though.
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