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    Quote Originally Posted by crowdx View Post
    This article talks about crossfire X which allows mixed cards
    This is straight crossfire,2678-6.html
    I already knew that Crossfire was more flexible than SLI but, in the past you would have to keep a 58xx card with a 58xx card and you couldn't do a 58xx and a 68xx together (as the Toms's review shows). If it's changed and they let you merge up different families of cards then that's cool but, besides that Guru3D article mentioning it I don't see anyone else trying this in a quick Google search.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crowdx View Post
    Which pretty much backs up what I'm saying...

    So a 5800 series GPU (e.g. a 5830) can run together with another 5800 series GPU (e.g. 5870). However GPU's not in the same hundred series cannot be crossfired successfully. (e.g. a 5770 cannot run with a 5870)
    How about this... Why don't you just try it out?
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    So I think you are correct and a 6970 and 7970 may not work. Fortunately my first test is to hook up the 6970 to power two secondary monitors for my slaves and run the main account on the 7970. I am not sure how this will work and I cannot do until I get a new PSU that supports two PCIE cards.

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