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    Default Typical disconnect from server...


    This issue is driving me up a wall. Every time I open a 5 man instance it is a given that all 5 of my accounts will drop connection. Often this results in a wipe. I'm not losing my internet connection, simply my connection to whatever server that I have a session with.

    Does anyone else experience this? Is there a way to stop it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had to replace my router after a patch gave me the same problem. I lost my internet as well though, WoW was resetting my router, I had to unplug and plug back in to get it working again.

    Sure it was an old Lynksys but it worked for everything else, just not for WoW.

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    escape -> options -> network -> toggle optimize network for speed (i had to turn it off for a similar issue)
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    Thanks guys. Will give it a whirl in a bit. Busy saturday

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    Huh, thats weird, I'll check to see if I have the same option enabled.

    I get the same issue in instances/PvP and regular leveling sometimes. But it only happens on whatever character I'm driving from.

    Edit - didn't fix my issue.
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    Ok so I've just finished up 3x end time runs. No disconnects whatsoever. I have to believe this fixed my issue. Thanks guys!

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