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    Streaming again today on another giveaway day! This time giveaways will include a 30 day wow subscription and 30 day isboxer keys! Visit at

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    Currently Streaming!

    PS: Leveling holydin with 4 frost DK's
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    Quote Originally Posted by tanknspanker View Post
    Currently Streaming!

    PS: Leveling holydin with 4 frost DK's

    BTW, If anyone on EU servers is interested in teaming up: Main Character: Boombalawa
    Server: Vek'nilash
    Faction: Horde

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    Default Streaming 10 box :D

    hey all!!
    currently streaming with 3holy pally's and 7 dks ! doing some Alterac valley

    still gearing up as I just dinged 100 on my second team.
    survivability aint quite what it needs to be ;-)

    twitch channel:
    comments and tips are very much welcome!

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    Anyone streaming anymore?
    Kel'thuzad US Alliance
    <Belt Fed>

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    Quote Originally Posted by candlebox View Post
    Anyone streaming anymore?
    Yep, svpernova09 on twitch

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    Default Currently Streaming

    Been checking my follows and a multiboxer from Sweden is playing right now as this post is posted. Check him out he's leveling his toons 5 boxer style

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    Streaming w/ MiRai as we continue to level our Dual Multiboxing team: Will be streaming til ~5:30 CST

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    About to kick off another session w/ MiRai and our dual multiboxing team

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    Stream with just music (mostly post-hardcore) and you don't have to look at my face.

    Playing 4 DK 1 Paladin right now. Might switch to another team at some point.

    edit - done for now. Went 70-78 that session.
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