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    Default Getting around "Gameguard" and dual-box client restrictions?

    some games that use "gameguard" and/or have client-based restrictions that stop you running two clients at once. at home its not a problem because i have 5 PC's.. but at work when i want to 2/3box i can only run one client. any ideas if there are ways around this? i was looking at maybe getting a "virtual desktop" or something similar.. anyone know of any other software that can help with this sort of thing?

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    You can with Windows using Fast User Switching and running the separate instances as separate users on your machine

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    You're in the wrong place to ask this sort of question, as I suspect it falls under this clause from our community guidelines:

    1) If it is against the ToS of the game you are discussing it is against dual-boxing.comís community guidelines to discuss ways of breaking said ToS. We are COMMITTED to keeping our hobby 100% compliant with the ToS of any game we play.

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    Correct, if the game has a failsafe from allowing a user to open the game or application multiple times then this post does break our community rules.

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