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    Default How to turn off auto targeting in Wow


    I just recently got Keyclone to use a dual windows setup on my system. To just begin tinkering with it in attempt to get all the macros down and everything, I created two hunters to practice with. The only problem I've encountered so far was the auto-targeting feature of either WoW itself or perhaps a mod I'm using. To explain, when I'm in the middle of a group of mobs, I target a mob with my main character and then hit a key that has a macro assigned to it to assist my main. However, I use the same macro on both of my toons in order to make either one the main at any given time.

    There is something in WoW or a mod that sometimes automatically targets another mob so occasionally, my secondary toon already has something targeted. So when I click on a mob and then hit the macro, because my both of my toons have the /assist command, each one then targets the others target and I end up attacking separate mobs.

    I looked at the interface sceen and didn't see anything for auto-targeting so I don't know if it's WoW or not. I use CTMOD and numerous other common mods. Does anyone know how to turn this off?


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    Isn't it just because the targeted mob dies, your hunter gets attacked again and therefor auto selected ? When a player or mob begins combat towards you with any action, you will auto select that person or mob. You can't turn it off iic, but no problem right ? Just get a macro to target your first hunter...?

    /target (insert main name)


    something like that, easy

    Btw I don't think an addon does the targeting for you, because then you would of been banned already
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    That sounded good at first, but I want to be able to switch back and forth between my toons as needed so that either of them can act as the main at any time. Think of it like this, Toon1 is the main and he is the first to gain agro on a mob, after a few fights, his health is down to 50 percent, I change over to Toon2 and have lead the way taking agro first on each mob. While Toon2 is first on agro on every new pull, Toon1 is self healing; therefore very little downtime at all.

    So if I use the /target toon1 /assist on Toon2 and then use /target toon2 /assist on Toon1; I still get the same result. Each of them targets the other, but if both have separate targets, I still pull two different mobs.

    I don't know exactly what the mechanic is that automatically selects a target. I've had my second toon in follow numerous time and picks up agro from some random mob, but it doesn't necessariy target whatever it is that's attacking him. With a hunter, it just seems that sometimes after killing a mob, if there is another mob within range, it automatically targets them.

    I wonder if there is a clear target command? Perhaps I could put that in the beginning of a macro like


    /target toon1



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