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    Default awesome aoe spot deepholm

    Leveled a new (main) goblin shaman first solo through all the cata quests. As I can no longer be arsed to do the same old quests again and again while boxing, - not to mention that i never read a quest or pay enough attention to the storyline to enjoy it - I was either going to level my 5x ele team through pvp or by aoe. While on my solo toon, I was always on the lookout for a good AOE spot.

    In hiyal there is a decent one for the first level, it's one of the first quests you do and npc's keep respawning. 81-82 I've been questing for some gear, with queuing up for AV meanwhile.

    82 and then up to deepholm ...

    82 -> 83 in 70 minutes, rested
    83-84 in a bit less than 3 hours, partially rested, partially not.

    Might be that questing is faster, but after 2 collection quests I basically leave my comp alone and go do something else.

    The spot I used in deepholm is just plain awesome. Mobs keep respawning and respawning, and there are about 150 to start with. Depending on the team one can do large pulls, I basically kept standing in the same spot, though with a tank and dks for example i'd be way way faster. The loot is pretty awesome as well, though I only did that while gaining mana or so. Only downside is that you don't get gearupgrades from quests, but I'll be pvp'ing only so I'm gonna craft the starting res gear.

    The mobs are all the same, though every so often one of them turn into a bigger one and they hit pretty hard. Make sure to kill those first. Rested i got 2100 xp per kill being 82, at lvl 83 I got 2500. At level 84 i'm getting 2700. Though I moved on to TH to do some quests and get some gear upgrades there.

    When you are done killing 1 pack, next pack most likely just respawned.

    Anyway the spot I'm talking about is located here:

    Packs can be anywhere from 4-10 mobs. The spot is actually way bigger than this screenie. And the good thing is that these mobs can be rooted with earthbind totem + thunderstorm will knock them off the platform whenever you are in trouble.

    You wanna land pretty much where my recount is in the last screenshot, as it's one of the very few places that you won't aggro packs.

    Enough loot ...

    Felt like sharing as some fellow boxers might be tired from questing as well when leveling up another team.

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    This will be fixed most likely >_>

    This spot is great, theres another too with trogs i used before as well.
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    There was a similar spot for WotLK - right in Sholazar by Freya there was a neverending respawn of undead. I wound up grinding out my last level on my DK there. That still works, too.

    I don't think they'd take this away necessarily - it isn't allowing people to gain xp faster than they could by any other means (or, not significantly faster), the "risk" equals the "rewards" in that the mobs don't drop anything unusually lucrative, and there isn't some exploit people are using to avoid dying etc.

    The other day I ground for an hour in a similar spot - I did a test with a potion of treasure finding and ground for an hour, and wound up getting about 1.25 million xp (rested) on a team of 5 level 83 characters, and did fairly well with regards to loot - no world drops, but my JC/Tailor was looting and I got 2 of the trinket quests and about 21-22 stacks of Embersilk cloth. Not a bad haul, but there are certainly faster and less grindy ways to do about the same.

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    These guys are the ones that drop the bag of something for the rep quest in Deepholm.
    I pulled a level 80 in here last weekend and it was pretty cool. Actually had a few blues drop but mostly cloth, so was cool for my tailor.
    Using the summoning stone or a lock you can even pull a level 70 in here and boost them by either standing them up on the rock or have them way back behind your other higher toons.
    Overall a pretty cool spot to boost

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    Thanks for sharing! I'm usually not a big fan of grinding but this is a great place. I knocked out the last 25% of 83->84 in about an hour.

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    That looks like it is a pretty good spot there... I remember it from when I took my druid through there. Might have to take my shammy there when she hits 82

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    I had a go in this spot last with a my priest (tailor) and my 4xele shamans (only green geared).

    I spent exactly 30minutes there (and about 5 minutes trying to get out of combat to actually escape). the place is incredible for spawns, i dont think i really left combat for more than 5 seconds at a time. I can guarentee this place will be xp nerfed and loot nerfed very quickly if word spreads about it.

    With my tailor in the group as the looter I netted myself

    275 x Embersilk Cloth (anything up to 3 cloth a kill)
    12 x Greens
    1 x Blue (ilvl 316 i think)

    (the drops would be higher but i find it impossible to loot everything with the amount of killing required to actually stay alive. Whilst killing, unlooted corpses were often dissapearing - when trying to escape i probably had to leave a good 50-80 corpses unlooted!)

    If you could get a separate player (that is a tailor) to solely loot for you, you could easily make 100 embersilk every 10 minutes.

    Imagine if we knew about this place on the first week of cata - embersilk going to 400g a stack. you'd be making 2400g an hour! lol

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    thanks for the tip, i get tired of the collection quests too sometimes for sure.

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    Dang I dont have any level 82 so I can't figure a way to get there, if I can get a low level warlock and 2 others I am set ...

    Is it possible to fly there?

    Guess I could pay three people 1000G to summon me there ....

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    I grind this spot looking for embersilkcloth. Also I use 1 treasure finding potion. It works great.
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