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    Default Does isboxer support x-keys

    I am trying to get my x-keys to work with isboxer. I assigned * to one of the keys and when I hit the key in notepad it displays the character. If I open WoW and hit the key it will display the character. However if I open isboxer and hit the key to set a key map nothing happens. Also if I hit the key inside a WoW window controlled by innerspace nothing happens. Has anyone had this problem before?

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    Yes, X-Keys work with ISBoxer.

    If you want to program your X-Keys with MacroWorks, run that software as Administrator or it will not be able to pass keystrokes to the WoW window (which is running as Administrator because IS is).

    ISBoxer also natively supports X-Keys devices. To use it this way, close out MacroWorks and select the X-Keys buttons from the drop-down box in a Hotkey Picker in ISBoxer. The benefit of doing this is you don't need to pick a key combination for the X-Keys buttons just to have ISBoxer interpret it as something else. The drawback of this method is that the X-Keys buttons are not in a numbered order that is easy to predict, and ISBoxer does not support detecting the X-Keys button in the "press key here" box (though with MacroWorks running as Administrator, it does detect the key combination).

    My next-generation software that will eventually replace ISBoxer works differently with X-Keys and other input devices (this part is already done) -- it will be much much easier to configure and shouldn't require Administrator for anything. Not to mention you will be able to plug in another random USB keyboard and use it independently of your main keyboard.
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    Thanks for the help lax. Running MacroWorks as administrator fixed the issue. I will also check out using the keys through ISboxer.

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    You can also edit the device XML file that Innerspace uses to rename the x-keys keys into a logical order... which is what I did. I'll have to write up how I did this.
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