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    Default multibox Borderlands!

    Well okay.... not exactly!
    But! On the PC you can launch one copy of the game 2-4 times and create yourself a LAN game with one client, and join all the other clients to the same game. Bam, perfect way to stash items away or powerlevel alts -- just create the game with the highest level toon you have (really L30+ to make it work well, 40+ is better) and join with the alt. Park the alt somewhere safe in a high level zone, then just start killing stuff with the higher level toon. XP is awarded anywhere on the board. I 'boosted' a friend's L1 to L20 in a matter of minutes. They also get weapon proficiencies based on what their active weapon is.

    It's also a great way to tweak the difficulty or farm better items, I usually duo with a friend but we are each making some hunter alts with "team find rare item" and "team scavenge extra items" class mods to park in the game. 4 players makes the game MUCH harder than 2 players, we get a ton more "elite" (Bad Mutha in game terms) mobs spawning that already drop lots more & better loot, on top of the team mods helping out the drop rate. And if I'm soloing I can toss my extra character in the game to make it harder -- the default single-player game is I think TOO easy unless you are either playing over your level or have horrible gear.

    P.S. I am pretty much addicted to this game now. If you haven't played it, pick up a copy so you too can "take a riiiiiiiide with the Scooter man !!!!"

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    Borderlands is my favorite PC game of 2009. I love the action, weapons, art style, and personality it has.
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    I thought it was pretty good too, only played it on the 360 tho. But if they would've add more customization to the game like actual gear like WoW has more than what it has now, I'd invest more time into it.

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