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    A funny name for a thread but read on to get the point.
    Since I 5 multibox with my pallies I find it increasingly difrficult to have enough money for all my needs. So I can down to an conclusion it would be wise to utilize the 10 proffesion slots I have and further increase my pleasure from the game

    Fishing + Cooking for Buff food.
    First Aid - for healing usefull once in a while.
    Enchant,Tailoring - to disenchant useless greens I tend to find (pity you can DE your slave quests rewards), use the found cloth for bags, shirts and making greens for DE.
    Minning, Blacksmithing - for some greens with might be usefull for Pallies.
    Herb, Alchemy- for Buff Elixirs
    JC, Eng - the 2nd char might provide this one with neccesary ores for various gadgets and jewelry.
    Ins, Skin - this one would gather skins from possible mobs and provided with herbs for pigments by third char make Glyphs for all pallies.

    The point of this thread is for the 2nd and 3rd char. Is there some kind of addon with displays both tracks (find herb from 3rd and find minerals from 2nd) into one Minimap (lets say my main). Im familiar with gatherer addon but im not sure if it has this function.

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    I don't think it is possible to display the actual track on a character without the corresponding gathering skill.

    I will be very pleased if I am wrong, though, since I don't always drive my gatherer on the main window, and even when I do, he is often a miner/herbalist, so I miss some stuff.

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    Not sure you always drive with your main, but I would be tempted to put mining/engineering there, given the list provided. Mining so that the minimap tracker works, and engineering as quite a few of the gadgets are really only useful to a character you'll actively driving.

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    I've not found anything that lets you display more than one type of tracking on a single minimap (and I've been looking since back in my solo-boxing days of WoW when I wanted both mining and herbalism). Instead, I tend to put both mining and herbalism on my main (I've found it makes it much easier for the gathering to not have to click in one of the slaves' screens) and then train my third of four slaves in one of either herbalism or mining. That way I can set my main to have, for example, Find Minerals always on the minimap while the slave (whose screen sits in the position where I've found it's quickest and easiest for my eyes to flicker over to that slaves minimap) has Find Herbs always turned on. I put the GatherMate add-on on my main and keep it displaying both minerals and herbs so that if I see that there are some little green circles on the minimap I can take a quick glance over at the slave's minimap to see if there are any gold dots that I should go visit.

    It's maybe not the ideal solution, and yes you do lose one of the 10 profession slots for having to "double-train" a gathering profession but I didn't want engineering anyway...maybe.

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    Thank you for the usefull posts and I think I'll use Smith trick.

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    I don't know if anyone else saw it, but there was a period from around Sept-Oct last year where my rogue could track both mines and herbs at the same time. I just had to switch tracking modes and the previous one stayed on while the other was active. It stopped working around the time when the expansion came out. Never had any idea why that worked or why it stopped. It worked for a month or two, so it didn't seem to be just a fluke glitch, I thought it was a hidden "buff" to tracking. Heh.
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    Dont have an answer to your question but wanted to pass on a thought that I found helpful when reading about this in the past:

    As a multiboxer, you have a really great opportunity to completely destroy dailies and make immense money through those means. When running multiple characters, I really think its more worthwhile to just do dailies etc (even run dungeons and DE stuff for materials to sell). Ive chosen to just go with non gathering professions on each of my chars and then just AH for stuff.

    What I just said is totally irreleveant if you a) enjoy gathering and want to do it regardless of difficulties b) dont want to AH for materials , just wanted to pass the thought along.

    Have a great day and good luck to you.
    Currently running 10 miners in Eve Online.

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    I have a setup very similar to RdrckSmith but I'm not sure I get the part about doubling up on the gathering profession. With most gather apps it's possible to force potential node locations "on" even if you don't possess the skill, so I have mining on my main, and herbing on an alt (which i do have to keep an eye on for yellow dots - thanks for the Mappy suggestion Fursphere.)

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    /castsequence Find Minerals, Find Herbs

    Or whatever the exact spelling and names are.
    Click it as a toggle.

    Not sure if this would work better:

    /castsequence !Find Minerals, !Find Herbs

    Or maybe:

    /cast !Find Minerals
    /cast !Find Herbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'midnightrain',index.php?page=Thread&postID=214942 #post214942
    ...I'm not sure I get the part about doubling up on the gathering profession. ...
    For whatever reason, I found that I had very little success and/or comfort having to mouseover and perform the gathering action on one of the slave's windows. So, I have both mining and herbalism on my main (oh, if only the nodes could be targetted so that we could make a macro like for skinning!). That means I have a redundant level 1 gathering skill on one slave toon. Not a huge deal, since I tend to get easily distracted and make several teams of five with different class combos so that I can also get other tradeskills, but not the most efficient use of 10 tradeskill slots on one team.

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