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Thread: autoloot ?

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    Default autoloot ?

    is there an addon that loots corpses automaticly without even need to touch the corpse with the cursor ?

    or is there a slash command for looting a corpse ?

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    nope... its too close to botting. You need to click all the bodies.
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    BottomlessBag addon helps.

    Or just interface options -> auto loot. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyndree
    BottomlessBag addon helps.

    Or just interface options -> auto loot. :P
    Blizzard put in an auto-loot option under Interface a while back.

    It is a damn shame that you can't have a true auto-loot, I know it really chews up a lot of my leveling time in instances to constantly have to stop and spend time to click on all the corpses. If you are making toons on the same server, like I did, just don't loot anything unless you need it for a quest until SM or so. I can just farm the money faster on my 70s, so looting a bunch of 1-30ish greys/greens is a waste of my time, since it slows down doing instances so much.

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    Default Re: autoloot ?

    Quote Originally Posted by yvette
    is there an addon that loots corpses automaticly without even need to touch the corpse with the cursor ?

    or is there a slash command for looting a corpse ?
    The best I have found is a mouseover loot macro where you can just hit the macro and it will autoloot if your cursor happens to be hovering over the corpse. If I use it, I usually point the cursor next to the feet of my leading character on the other screen and then stop next to the corpse with my lead character, hit the macro button, and it automatically loots on the other comp.
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    AutoHotKey has the ability to move your mouse for you as well...

    I had some success in the past having an autoloot button that would steal mouse control and right-click in specific areas of my monitor. It worked okay, but was definitely work getting it built and required me to ALWAYS work to properly align the corpses and camera angles.

    Right now I'm using keyclone, so I'm back to right clicking on all the windows manually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fursphere
    Xzin came up with a semi-successfull auto-loot mod.

    1) Broadcast your mouse (via Multibox software or hardware, your choice)
    2) Kill all mobs in close to the same location
    3) center mouse on all screens, with all toons in position to loot
    4) broadcast mouse right clicks like crazy (with auto-loot turned on).

    All toons will loot at the same time.

    Caveat: If you use Keyclone to multibox (more than one WoW on a computer, this WILL NOT WORK)
    This is correct, but until about level 40-50, you don't even need to loot ANYTHING. Maybe bosses. Theres no point unless you want to do tradeskills.

    There is a program somewhere that "jiggled" the mouse around randomly while you spam clicked, but I don't recall what it was. Something for EQ?
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    this is only a problem if your doing a quest, otherwise master loot or FFA works just fine. It's not like your going to piss off your group members. If you are doing a colection quest loot with your main till he is done then after he has done the quest after each time you loot with your man then look over and if your alt screen has loot it's the quest so flip over and loot it. If not move on. I've found master loot to be the best cause you can get all the greens and blues but not the rest. And while leveling tailoring might be what you think you want just look at the time you spend looting crap and throwing it away or sorting it out and giving it to other toons cause your main toons bags fill up so fast. I have 16 18slot bags and it's not worht the time it takes to fill them with trash for the money you will get. If you are playing on a server that these are your firest toons and you don't have spell money then go for it but otherwise the times you waste looting is not worth the xp you could be getting if you stop looting everything but Master loot greens. Try it.

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    I only dual box, and most of that is a high level with follower. As someone who doesn't enjoy end game grinding or instances much, I get 90% of my gold from grays and other instance loot. I find that with one of my alts being an enchanter and the other an engineer, I can pop down a repair bot with the engineer and sell grays without leaving the instance, something that is rather brilliant for those instances a long way from vendors. And while the bots do cost a lot to make (though I think they cheapened the lower one in 2.3), 110g approx for the high end one They are more than worth their weight in gold IMO.

    At the moment its even easier as my main follower is an enchanter/tailor, so I can really stack in the loot; food, water, grays, whites... etc go to the bots; greens, BoPs and any other DEable loot gets DEd then sold; and the cloth gets turned into Bolts of cloth which really compresses things.

    As for looting itself, my main Loots everything generally, if he needs to mana/hp up (hunter) the alt loots while he rests. It seemes to work out quite well. And bag space is roughly this. Hunter has first bag with pots/engineering gear/explosives/mounts/etc, and the last bag is ammo. 'Lock has one bag for gear and pots and a shard bag. Hunter uses some 18 slots and 'Lock has 16 slots.

    When I genuinely dual-box, not as often as I'd like but I get bored , again I use FFA and loot everything, only difference being that I tend to drop/not-loot grays.
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    what i plan on doing is while leveling my 3 shaman, if im doing a collection quest. I will set it to free for all loot, as soon as my main has the loot, i will switch to my alt and play him as my main until he gets his quest items, then i will switch to my 3rd till he gets all his.

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