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    Default Everquest : Advice needed for 4-Boxing ;)


    After reading a lot about multi boxing I want to try it myself.

    After playing WoW, Vanguard Ö Iím thinking about going back to EQ and multi boxing the content. I would like to 6 boxing, to have a group on my own.

    Why Everquest ? Itís certainly not an easy game but I think itís one of the best games out there and some classes donít need a lot of focus or button smashing.

    How many client can I run the game on my computer?

    I own a AMD Athlon 64 bit 3200 + with 2GB of ram and a Geforce 7800 GT and an 17Ē LCD screen.

    I have another computer in another room but not as good as my main but good enough to run at least one EQ Client. I have a laptop too but he canít stay long on because he canít stand the heat anymore.

    With the EQ anniversary edition out itís not very expensive to buy 6 of them. 120 $ (Ä 90) They all come with one free month play time only for new subscribers. The most expensive part is the monthly fee for the six accounts. 14.99$*6=90 $ (Ä 66)

    Hereís how my group would be composed of :

    • Warrior (Tank)
      Cleric (Heal)
      Enchanter (Mana regen, lower resists, mezz, eventually charming)
      Shaman (Buffs and SLOW)
      Bard (various utility, but maybe a little too hard to box with)
      Ranger (DPS with autofire)

    Some advice from the proís would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    I'd say dump the shaman and just stick with the enchanter. Also, wizards are easier to multi box than rangers imo (plus you get to port).

    With nostromo N52 - you can have the bard play 3-4 songs without having to touch it. If you dont have access to this, or a programmable keyboard - get another wizard

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    I plan to level them together from scratch, level 1 and no stuff. So no twinks.

    Dump the shaman : Why ? I know the chanter have a slow but the shaman buffs are great, isn't?

    Wizard > Ranger : But what about stealing agro from the MT ? I

    Bard : Good point there. With programmable keyboards twisting is just a joke.

    I just downloaded the Anniversary edition on Direct2drive. So I will experience EQ a little bit before buying other accounts. It's been a long time since I played it.

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    From the original idea of 6 boxing I would like to make it to 4 boxing. A little bit cheaper and I think I can run 4 EQ clients on my computer with WinEQ2.

    My party would be :

    Shadow Knight for tanking and good agro management
    Cleric for the healing part.
    Shaman for the slows, buffs and debuffs.
    Wizard for the DPS.

    Just hesitation between the shaman and a chanter. chanter would add at higher level a nice mana regen, good for everyone. I could also just get my group buffed in PoK by another chanter of course.

    SK or War ? SK is for me the best tank in the lower levels because of his spells that can take agro back from let's say the wizard. But later on, the warrior with a nice stuff and several AA's should be stronger to tank some named.

    My goals are simple : Fast leveling to 75 and make one of them my "Main" and join a raiding guild.

    Advices are welcome. Setup, macros, hotkeys, software, tactics ...

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    Well, I usually 4 box a similar setup. I use wineq, pretty essential to doing it on 1 box, with the G15 keyboard. My first character, and my main is a shammy, but I usually box a warrior, the shaman, a monk, then either a necromancer or a paladin, depending on which one I am leveling up. I can't run 5 without lag on my one system, so am looking at alternatives still.

    I use the macro keys on the G15 extensively, with usually a 'line' being for 1 character. I used to only 3 box, so at that time, I had each line of the G keys for each character. I may switch it up a bit now that I box more, not sure yet. I record the macro for each key by first selecting the screen in the msacro using the wineq key shortcuts, then doign the actions, usually using the same hotkeys in game for each character, ie, each key will select screen, then hit hotkey 0 (for an assist usually to assist the main tank character) then hotkey 5 (on shaman casts slow, on necro sends pet in to attack then starts casting after some delays, etc)

    Anyway that is my basic setup. I have tried a couple of keyboards, but always got confused multi-boxing that way. I am looking at a KVM switch for multi boxing, or Synergy, just DL'd it, so may see how it does. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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    Personally I would do a warrior in place of the SK and a mage in place of the Wiz. Why a warrior? IDK I just like them better. I'd do the mage in place of the Wiz because you just can't beat mage pet DPS, especially in the higher levels. You wouldn't have to be purely dependent on the nuking capacity of the wizard to do dps. Now, if you're using the Wiz because they can port, then I guess that kills my plan right there, but you could always do a druid in place of the cleric! :lol:

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    I have played EQ for 6 years and have 3 boxed for a year of it and 2 boxed for 2 years of it. You have some classes that can do multiple things. I use to know some folks that multi-boxed 5

    Your set up your thinking about:
    Warrior (Tank)
    Cleric (Heal)
    Enchanter (Mana regen, lower resists, mezz, eventually charming)
    Shaman (Buffs and SLOW)
    Bard (various utility, but maybe a little too hard to box with)
    Ranger (DPS with autofire)

    What I think would be good setup, and it depends on what you want to do with them (kill old school raid bosses or just farm exp in harder areas)

    Warrior (tank): Best tank in the game. Not needing spells to hold aggro like shadow knights and pallys, it is easier to tank with a warrior, meaning you can focus on your other characters more.
    Cleric (heal / buff): Best heals / Hp buffs
    Wizard (DPS / Ports): Port FTW / Nice DPS
    Shaman (Slows / Buffs): Very nice Buffs / Best slows in the game, enchanter slows doesn't work on all mobs. Shaman not a swishy as an enchanter.
    Bard (Puller / Buffs): Nice mana regn and haste, so dont need enchanter. Not as swishy as an enchanter. Also can crowd control / pull.
    Ranger (Lazy DPS with autofire): If you need more DPS might as well add a class that can DPS with you doing nothing at all.

    * If you want something thats little more DPS and can help in a wipe, swap out the Ranger for a Necromancer. That way you can have them FD and Rez the cleric in case a wipe. Also though mana shouldn't be an issue, you can act as a mana battery for the cleric in long fights.

    With a wizard and bard, you will get to the zone faster by ports and get to the location quicker by the run speed song (forgot name, haven't played EQ in a year)

    What I ran in my 3 group.
    Monk (Tank) - My old main character, he had good gear, so could tank anything I wanted to kill with a small group. (I added Aggro type proc augs to his weapons)
    Wizard (DPS) - My new main character, very nice dps and could port me anywhere I wanted to go.
    Shaman (Healer) - Newer toon I was leveling up, great heals / buffs, and never runs OOM (Got to love shamans)

    I also have ran:
    Warrior / Rog / Shaman: The warrior could hold aggro pretty much with auto attacks, I had rog as main screen for backstabs, and had shaman on 2nd computer for heals.

    Note: N52 auto twisting the songs on a bard is nice.. until you miss a note and it screws the whole thing up. I never got my N52 to work that good on my bard auto casting.. But, you don't need that now. EQ has melody feature added into the game, so EQ will auto twist the songs for you, making it that much easier


    Should of read all the post before posting lol.. now that you changed it to just 4 boxing, From the original idea of 6 boxing.

    Shadow Knight / Cleric / Shaman / Wizard

    Would be a nice set up. Even though the warrior is a better tank, the Shadow Knight can pull, and snare for the group. Wizards can snare, but shadow knight will be using the snare dot to help hold aggro. Wizard over the mage too because of ports.

    Ziie and Xiie ( Both 34 )
    (2 Druids on Mannoroth)

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    long ago in a galaxy far away I 3 boxed EQ. I mostly did the lost dungens of norath. Paladin, Ranger, Bard. I was able to grind on that contend from 20-60 before I quit playing and it was not difficult. Gear scaled nicely too.

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