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    Default EQ2- What would be the best 3 team set up for boxing.

    Hey Guys, for you EQ2 boxers. What would be the best 3 man team to box with. Was thinking SK warden and illusionist. Maybe a Corcier, Wizard wizard. Since I am kinda new to boxing I am trying to make the best group I can with out to much fuss, and positioning. Like I dont think I could deal with postionals of the scouts at this time. Thanks for any imput. Also can you tell me why you would pick the classes you did. Thanks

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    Hi Lukkee,

    For a three man you WILL need a plate tank, healer and a DPS if you want to see a good chunk of the game.

    As you will be missing 3 chars in your group - I'd recommend going hybrids to make up for the short fall. So in saying that, the choices I would most proably make are:

    Tank - Pally or SK
    Pally is a tank/healer, SK is probably closest to a tank/mage
    Pally would be classed as defensive - SK offensive

    Healer - personally I would choose warden or defiler over a fury but other people here have had success with boxing the fury so give it a go if you want
    Warden defensive - defiler offensive?? (well more offensive than a mystic) - fury offensive

    DPS - as you don't want to go melee (rogues) maybe a mage or lock would suit more. Maybe even experiment with a necro or summoner. All offensive.

    As to your suggestion re coer / mage / mage - - no plate tank plus, you nerf yourself re buffs (i.e., 2 x mages)

    Good luck and welcome to EQ2!

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    I'm currently rolling with a Berserker, Fury, and Dirge. I've gone from 1-60 so far with this team, taking out every dungeon/instance along the way (level locking to kill all named etc). After 60, I can't tell you what to expect, but I don't feel there's much I can't do with this team.

    With the right AA's, this team can pump out pretty decent DPS. Fury/Dirge almost never take aggro from my Zerker, so that's never really a problem. The Dirge provides fantastic buffs for all parties involved, speed/evac/track are especially useful. I don't have many problems keeping everyone alive with my Fury,we hardly ever die unless I over pull and things get hectic, even then I've gotten out of some pretty rough situations.

    Things might completely change at the higher end game, I'm really not sure, but up to 60, I feel very balanced.

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    you guys all mention a Dirge, Wouldnt it be very hard to play songs, directionals , do stealth attacks ect while trying to play tank, and heal? That is why I was thinking a Illussionist or Coerc, They can just cast haste, cast mana regen and forget about it, and then lay down the law with dmg, and mez a whole groups if things get sticky. I hear Dirge a lot in groups. I guess coming from WoW and just having to worry about 5 Shamans or a tank and 4 casters I am miffed by the complexity of all the classes here and how you can still get good outpute from them all. Also, if you do a melee group how do you get them all in postion to be in melee range and such?

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    Melee combat is a lot easier in EQ2. strafing while auto-follow makes your toons circle around you, so it's not that hard to posistion. I thought it would be a real pain, but so far I seem to be doing ok.

    I have my Troub set to autofollow me. For combat, all his macros are set to swap autofollow to my husband {tank} and assist my husband.
    I disabled the left and forward arrow keys on all but my Troub. This allows me to strafe just my Troub around my husband and behind a mob for back-stabbiness. Or in tight corners, I can run through the mob, re-folllow the tank which turns him around so he's facing the right way.

    It will also become easier when the new changes are patched in. "Characters on auto-follow will always turn to face their target when auto-attacking." So a little less positioning care will be needed when that goes live.

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    Id say guard.bruiser,dirge. make it easy :P
    Eq2: 80guard/dirge/mystic/conj/bruiser/mezzer.

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    Personally - I find melee very easy to use

    you guys all mention a Dirge, Wouldnt it be very hard to play songs, directionals , do stealth attacks ect while trying to play tank, and heal?
    - EQ2 bards are basically set and forget when it comes to melodys - they are treated like permanent buffs if you like

    - directionals - all rogues have some type of positional attacks. Bards and rogues are mostly behind or flanking with rogues having the odd frontal attack (like the swashy poke, etc). TBTH, positionals aren't really a problem if you follow the simple rule of always turning the mob so it's back is facing your slaves - good practise to avoid rips anyway. Things like poke can be done on incoming. Honestly is easy to manage. If you do find that one of your chars isn't able to get an attack off, then just like Khatovar suggested, spin your chars round the mob till they are in positions (or move your tank, either way)

    - stealth attacks - also easy to manage. Going from my hazy memory - I can only recall the 1 attack from stealth for bards and rogues. To get it to go off I use a very simple macro:

    Name: StealthAttack
    /autoattack 0 [You must be out of autoattack so toggle it off]
    /useability Sneak [grabs stealth to caster - does suspend all attacks but I like to throw in the prior autoattack 0 anyway]
    /useability Pincer [this is the swashy attack from stealth]
    /autoattack 1 [to get back into fighting]

    The only 1 main category of characters which are a real pain to play are predators - assassin and ranger.

    I play an assassin on the odd occasion and am basically giving up a chunk of DPS as there's whole lines of CAs (and AOEs) which require stealth to fire. The assn also has a fair amount of attacks from range. Honestly, not the friendliest class to box.

    For a ranger - the only way I can play one of these is to have two follow commands. To explain this more I'll give you an example:

    Set yourself up 2 macros
    [First would obviously be on your main tank]
    /follow MT

    [Second would be on the character you feel at most times will be at the back of your bunch of slaves]
    /follow MH

    Go into your fave dungeon with ranger on /followmt. Spot your target, hit the followmh so the ranger starts to drop back. Hit /stop to halt all your slaves. Bodypull the mob back to the main bunch of slaves, throw in a few taunts, pokes and slams, drag mob through your group, spin mob, and it will nicely be in front of your group with it's back to them all so the rogues are happy - let the ranger have at it from range firing off all your bow attacks (slowly! as you don't want to have to go running off to get the mob back). When you've done all the range attacks you want to do, hit /followmt. The ranger will race up to roughy your main group (he will be behind a bit and possibly out of melee range requiring a quick giggle to get him in range again) - then let him go melee.

    Now obviously the major problem with this approach is you will always have to have plenty of room for the ranger to work efficiently [which is at a premium in dungeon] plus it requires a fair amount of jiggling to get some decent DPS. Is it impossible, no - just requires a bit of mucking around.

    Why not get the the ranger to always follow the MH? geometry - if the ranger permanently followed the MH it would more often than not get hung up on geometry (i.e., stuck on corners) as it's too far back.

    The other way of using the ranger which works for me is to get the ranger to pull with their range and basically whittle the mob down before it gets to the main group - problem with this is getting the mob back off the ranger so requires some serious taunting and may leave the ranger looking a 'tad' unhealthy by the end of it

    I hear Dirge a lot in groups.
    Dirges offer incredible utility and some very nice DPS. Troubs are very nice too have as well for a spell casting group.

    Also, if you do a melee group how do you get them all in postion to be in melee range and such?
    As per above. Dump the main group in a safe spot - they'll be mostly all on top of each other which doesn't matter. Bodypull back through the blob - spin - maybe step back a tad on the tank - spank repeatedly till he gives you his lunchmoney. An excellent way of doing something similar which involves a bit of practise but I have used for years is this:
    - dump your blog
    - tank races in for body pull
    - turn back on mob so you can see your blob
    - run anti-clockwise around your blob throwing the occasional taunt
    - do full circle till your in front of the blob and hey presto - the mob will be nicely standing between you and your blob - slam taunt whack - next!

    Another way I use a lot (when I am lazy) which works once you get used to it. When your team is on /follow they are on something similar to a rubber band. Run to mob with team in hot pursuit. Then you have two options from here:
    - body pull back. spin. your guys will 'snap' up close behind - all within range - this involves the mob moving into position
    - or - slam. go through mob. spin. your guys will snap up behind mob - this involes the mob standing still and your guys moving into position

    Think of them as if they are on a bungee cord

    I apologise in advance if a lot of that is jibberish and confusing - but simply - it is very easy to melee mobs.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Great points taken.

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