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    Is there a comprehensive guide for keyclone? The program seems quite powerful, but the guide on their site has some pretty sizeable holes when describing how everything works and the videos I found on youtube focus on one specific part of it usually. If someone could please point me to a guide, I'd really appreciate it.


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    tried to delete the post apparently I can't ><

    Found the wiki section - which is definitely helpful.

    What I'm stuck on at the moment is this:

    I've setup the maximizer, command editor and when I restart Keyclone to get everything to spawn - nothing happens when i restart it. I'm running x64 Vista and I've run it as an admin


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    Keyclone doesn't run the game clients automatically unless you have them as 'startup' items and have the associated checkbox checked. If you named your 'commands' wow1, wow2, wow3 you would list them in the startup as 'wow1;wow2;wow3' just like you would on the keyclone 'connect' text area similar to here

    if you put "wow1;wow2;wow3" in that text area that is blank it will fire off the three wow copies, with their associated maximizer settings and the whole deal.


    The startup is here:

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    Thanks - Keyclone's guide helped me, the issue I had was the one you mentioned specifically. I didn't know I had to enter the wow names into that field.

    I'm now having another weird issue. Anytime I type something in chat it can make keyclone stop working. Only way to get it to start working again is to restart all the clients. Anyone else having this issue? I've tried using the pause button - but it still bugged out for me.

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    what did you set as your override hotkey? did you set the secondary override hotkey?
    try clearing them out and just using PAUSE

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'keyclone',index.php?page=Thread&postID=140856#pos t140856
    what did you set as your override hotkey? did you set the secondary override hotkey?
    try clearing them out and just using PAUSE
    Thanks I got it all to work. My guys are 60 now (going to upgrade two expansions twice in one week to 4 accounts.... eep), so the new project is FTL

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    Good info here for newbies to Keyclone. Thanks! 8)

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    I love you people, I didnt know about the auto startup thing... i was doing it all manually with the connect button.

    Eve Online

    Setting up 10 boxing... limited to high sec mining at the moment, but will get into missioning as well.

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