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    ISBoxer...seriously. FTL is so easy with ISB it isn't even funny. You can basically drop a spell on the bars and all toons will cast it at whatever you target. For me, it was complicated to setup because I didn't quite understand it but once it

    I deleted everything I had setup previously...keyclone mappings and macros, wtf older, interface folder...started fresh with isboxer.

    Sorry this isn't a direct answer to your post.
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    Based on other posts in the thread, I have made the following script fragment for HKN, since my hand is always hovering around the wasd keys I assigned it to the "`" key which on my keyboard is right next to the "1" key

    // Hotkey: Oem8 Follow the active window 
    <Hotkey Oem8>
        <If ActiveWinIs WoW1>
            <SendLabel w2, w3, w4, w5>
            <Key ctrl Oem6>
        <Else If ActiveWinIs WoW2>
            <SendLabel w1, w3, w4, w5>
            <Key alt Oem6>
            <DoHotKey Hotkey NumLockOn Alt Ctrl Shift Oem8>
    <Hotkey NumLockOn Alt Ctrl Shift Oem8>
        <If ActiveWinIs WoW3>
            <SendLabel w1, w2, w4, w5>
            <Key shift Oem6>
        <Else If ActiveWinIs WoW4>
            <SendLabel w1, w2, w3, w5>
            <Key ctrl alt Oem6>
            <SendLabel w1, w2, w3, w4>
            <Key ctrl shift Oem6>
    In WOW I created a character specific macro called "TargetMyFriend"

    You can substitute C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5 with your character names.

    Character 1 (C1) "TargetMyFriend"

    /target [nomod:ctrl,mod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C2] [nomod:ctrl,nomod:alt,mod:shift,target=C3] [mod:ctrl,mod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C4] [nomod:alt,mod:ctrl,mod:shift,target=C5]
    Character 2 (C2) "TargetMyFriend"

    /target [mod:ctrl,nomod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C1] [nomod:ctrl,nomod:alt,mod:shift,target=C3] [mod:ctrl,mod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C4] [nomod:alt,mod:ctrl,mod:shift,target=C5]
    Character 3 (C3) "TargetMyFriend"

    /target [mod:ctrl,nomod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C1] [nomod:ctrl,mod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C2] [mod:ctrl,mod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C4] [nomod:alt,mod:ctrl,mod:shift,target=C5]
    Character 4 (C4) "TargetMyFriend"

    /target [mod:ctrl,nomod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C1] [nomod:ctrl,mod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C2] [nomod:ctrl,nomod:alt,mod:shift,target=C3] [nomod:alt,mod:ctrl,mod:shift,target=C4]
    Character 5 (C5) "TargetMyFriend"

    /target [mod:ctrl,nomod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C1] [nomod:ctrl,mod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C2] [nomod:ctrl,nomod:alt,mod:shift,target=C3] [mod:ctrl,mod:alt,nomod:shift,target=C4]
    I created a non character specific macro called "RestoreMyTarget"

    I assign the "TargetMyFriend" macro to MultiBarRightButton1 and the "RestoreMyTarget" macro to MultiBarRightButton2

    I then created a non character specific macro called "FollowFriend"

    /click MultiBarRightButton1
    /click MultiBarRightButton2
    I used the following commands at the console to save the key binding for each "FollowFriend" Macro as the "]" key

    /script SetBindingMacro("]", "FollowFriend") 
    /script SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet())
    Now I can press "`" over the active window to make the other characters follow the active character.

    To facilitate spell casting from the background windows I create a macro like the following for each spell.

    #showtooltip Frostbolt
    /click MultiBarRightButton1
    /cast [harm, nodead] Frostbolt; [harm, target=targettarget, exists] Frostbolt
    /click MultiBarRightButton2
    The following HKN script fragment was required to ensure that the correct key presses were transmitted

    <KeyList TheKeyList 0-9, Plus, Minus>
    // send the key list to all windows
    <Hotkey TheKeyList>
        <If ActiveWinIs WoW1>
            <SendLabel w2, w3, w4, w5>
            <Key ctrl %Trigger%>
            <SendLabel w1>
            <Key %Trigger%>
        <Else If ActiveWinIs WoW2>
            <SendLabel w1, w3, w4, w5>
            <Key alt %Trigger%>
            <SendLabel w2>
            <Key %Trigger%>
            <DoHotKey Hotkey NumLockOn Alt Ctrl Shift %Trigger%>
    <Hotkey NumLockOn Alt Ctrl Shift TheKeyList>
        <If ActiveWinIs WoW3>
            <SendLabel w1, w2, w4, w5>
            <Key shift %TriggerMainKey%>
            <SendLabel w3>
            <Key %TriggerMainKey%>
        <Else If ActiveWinIs WoW4>
            <SendLabel w1, w2, w3, w5>
            <Key ctrl alt %TriggerMainKey%>
            <SendLabel w4>
            <Key %TriggerMainKey%>
            <SendLabel w1, w2, w3, w4>
            <Key ctrl shift %TriggerMainKey%>
            <SendLabel w5>
            <Key %TriggerMainKey%>
    Here is the complete HKN script that I use

    It includes a window swapping mechanism that I use to set the main window, be warned that if you use this script it requires a screen resolution of 2560x1600, it also requires that wow is configured to use a resolution of 720x576. It should be easy enough to alter it for different resolutions, if you do that then make sure you change the position of the indicator icons that are created in the bottom right of the screen to indicate wether active window tracking is enabled or if HotKeys are enabled. You can find the positioning code on lines 170 and 152 of the pastebin script.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidwilsoon View Post
    I hereby nominate Keyclone for the single greatest piece of software of all time.
    glad you're happy with KeyClone. I'd like to nominate ISBoxer (and HKN for free software)
    Owltoid, Thatblueguy, Thisblueguy, Otherblueguy, Whichblueguy

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    im having a problem with FTL. im not sure how to set up an propper attack macro so all i have is
    "/assist (main)
    /cast frostbolt"
    i am using Octopus 1.3.8
    plz help all i wana do is multibox in pvp and they end up killing my main and my other 4 toons stand there helpless w8ting 2 die

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    Well, this recommendation is not FTL... as I was never able to get it working, prior to moving to IS Boxer.

    If you were to make five macros.
    /focus [target=ToonA]
    /focus [target=ToonB]
    /focus [target=ToonC]
    /focus [target=ToonD]
    /focus [target=ToonE]

    Have all five macros on all five toons.
    Have all the Toon A macros on the same keybind... etc.
    So when you push Keybind 1, everyone including Toon A will focus Toon A.

    You can then use:
    /follow [target=focus]

    /cast [@focustarget] Frostbolt

    /castsequence [@focustarget] Frostbolt, Frostbolt
    /cast [@focustarget] Frostfire Bolt

    /cast [@focustargettarget] Healing Touch


    It is not FTL, but you can switch to any window...
    And set your Warcraft keybind for that character to be focused by everyone... to be the same as your software keybind, to switch to that window.
    Any toon will be able to lead, and the others will assist it correctly.

    I'm not sure how good the mouse broadcasting is, for Octopus.

    If you're comfortable with your own scripts...
    Take a hard look at Hot Key Net, which is free.

    Also take a hard look at IS Boxer.
    That's 36/year, but most likely the top boxing software option available anywhere.
    Lots of things you can do with it...
    Set up a 'Send Next Click' action, so you press the hotkey for Blizzard, and every mage has a targeting circle (which moves in real time, as you move the targeting circle on your main's window) and which turns the mouse broadcasting off, after you click for the Blizzard.
    Not to mention, instant swapping between windows.
    Automatic FTL.. meaning, put your spells on "1" in wow, press 1 from any window, and without any macros at all... every toon will do whatever is on "1", at the target of the current window.
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    My Guide to IS Boxer (somewhat dated).
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    Honestly, this question has been beaten to death in various forms. Try this first:
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