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    by Published on 09-05-2014 04:05 PM

    I think goal setting is important in all pursuits (except perhaps television watching, although I do track that via so even my tv watching does not go unmeasured), and World of Warcraft is certainly no exception.

    The game has a lot of built in measures of progression: X/X bosses killed, achievement points, levels, but it is easy for me to waste a lot of time in game not working towards anything and then feel unsatisfied with my gaming hours. When I decided to come back and box 5 boxes for a month, I set myself a few goals. To review, these were:

    raise 5 more toons to max level, including classes I don't already have maxed
    add 8 more 600 level professions to my accounts, with a bias towards account 1
    spend 4 hours a week on proving grounds

    Ten days into my plan I'm adjusting things a little bit. I've (almost) reached 85 on the five toons I was bringing from 80, but I am going to swap 3 characters out at 85 rather than ...
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    by Published on 09-02-2014 08:03 PM
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    EverQuest: The Darkened Sea will be available to purchase on November 11, 2014, and it's free to play. Early access for All-Access members starting on October 28, 2014.

    The Darkened Sea is the 21st EverQuest expansion and pays tribute to a previous expansion pack, The Buried Sea, with its storyline and characters. In this expansion, your multiboxing team can travel to the city of Katta Castrum to find Firiona Vie, rescue Tsaph, and foil the evil plans of Lanys.

    Features in The Darkened Sea include:

    • Level your multiboxing team up to 105
    • Eight zones to explore: two re-imaged ones and six completely new zones
    • The new Mount Key Ring will free up inventory space and allow you to store all of your mounts in one location
    • Brand new spells, AAs, and special items
    • Adaptive loot system will learn what items your team members always want to loot and which you like to leave behind
    • Exciting new quests, missions, and raids
    • Much, much
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    by Published on 09-02-2014 07:54 PM
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    As I've stated before, my goal with healers in 5 mans is a rotation that: a) never runs out of mana and b) handles most of the healing passively**. I'm currently levelling a team in wow with a druid healer. Although I've opted for an isboxer "do not advance until" rotation, with the addition of nourishes for spacing, an effect almost as good could be achieved with this simpler version:

    Laziest macro (no guarantees):
    /castsequence [@focus] reset=10 rejuvenation, force of nature, swiftmend, lifebloom, wildgrowth, nourish, rejuvenation, force of nature, wild growth, swiftmend, lifebloom, rejuvenation, force of nature, wild growth, nourish
    Isboxer version:

    Step 1: Do not advance to the next step for at least 1.6 seconds

    (red font not significant, I just find it easier to see in the code boxes with the dark layout)
    /cast [@focus] Rejuvenation
    Step 2: Do not advance to the next step for at least 1.6 seconds. ...
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