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    by Published on 10-22-2014 03:45 PM
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    On October 14th, Star Trek Online launched the Delta Rising expansion!

    In this expansion, the level cap was increased to allow Captains to rank up to level 60. Your multiboxing team can earn new titles, new captain powers, and new rewards for each faction as they level up to 60.

    Delta Rising also introduces a new Captain Specializations system that lets captains earn new abilities once they reach level 50. Current specialization options include Intelligence Officer, Commander, and Pilot. Plus, once your team members reach level 60, you can still continue to earn Captain Specialization Points, up to a certain amount. For more details on Captain Specializations, click here.

    Your multiboxing team can also try out brand new 5-man PVE queues for level 50+ Captains. Borg Disconnected is the space queue, and Bug Hunt is on the ground. The queues will have Normal, Advanced, and Elite difficulty settings. The Elite difficulty for level ...
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    by Published on 10-21-2014 10:35 AM

    This was originally the first post of my doomed "Multibucks: Multiboxing for gold in World of Warcraft" blog. As I recently passed my first million, gold making is very much on my mind this week and I thought I'd bring over some of my old articles. Some parts are obsolete. -luxlunae

    I thought I would start this blog with a list of reasons that you, a “gold goblin” might want to consider giving multiboxing a try. I’ve been multiboxing on and off for four years, and trying to get gold for five (although I didn’t take a serious interest in it until the major gold blogs started popping up in 2009-10) and I feel the two interests have a lot in common and multiboxing has a lot to offer the kind of person who loves making gold “just because”.

    1. It gives you things to spend gold on. This may at first seem counter-intuitive, but if you don’t have anything tangible to get from your gold, sooner or later even the most satisfying routines become a ...
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    by Published on 10-14-2014 02:06 PM

    So with 6.0.2 this week i made a multiboxing edition guide, am going to go though a few changes that going to aimed at multiboxing.

    New Character Models - this could make you system a lot worse then before i know from my pov it drops my fps a LOT good thing we can turn them off on the clones window in the settings tab.

    Guild Changes
    - Guild levels? Gone! Most perks? Gone!, if you boxing guild never made it to 25 well it don't matter anymore. you can still get 250g for doing the guild challenges as a guild group (good stuff for us!)

    Siege of Orgrimmar Changes - This is kinda cool as flex now gets added normal so you can walk in and not having to get the spec's you need. or even 10 players. or though it still be for 10 players.

    Level 90 Upper Blackrock Spire - not sure if we going to beable to box this but its worth a try i know the 100 copy is hard.

    Blasted Lands Quests
    - The Iron Horde have invaded the Blasted Lands ...
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