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    by Published on 08-29-2014 05:42 PM
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    ​If you are not already using Like A Pro to implement your hotkeys, you should be. A reliable, universal way to handle spec swaps was actually the thing that forced me to it, and I haven't looked back. Because Like a pro depends on macros that do not change based on spec (all of the shadow, disc, and holy macros are loaded at the start for my priest characters, for example), by merely switching the virtualized combat keymap on the fly we can spec swap without any reloading, exporting, or re-opening of characters.

    My system involves 2 hotkeys and 2 isboxer macros.

    First the macros. These are very simple and part of a universal ISBoxer macro set, rather than a class specific macro set:

    /equipset SpecOne
    /usetalents 1
    /run print("Selecting Spec One")

    /equipset SpecTwo
    /usetalents 2
    /run print("Selecting Spec Two")

    For any characters where you wish ...
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    by Published on 08-23-2014 11:24 PM
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    I am a spreadsheet fanatic. I "invented" spreadsheets with a paper game I played as a child, and designing spreadsheets for any game I spend a lot of time on is a big chunk of the fun for me. I think it comes from the same part of my brain that enjoys endless tweaking of my multiboxing setup.

    At a minimum, I like to have current information about a characters level, ilevel, and professions, and now that this information is available in the api I decided to work on automatically retrieving it. I was inspired by Beeq's (much more impressive) php pages to develop a way to update the basic information about all of my characters and thought I'd share in case anyone else was sick of updating their records by hand.

    I decided to use perl because it is the language I script in, but unlike other computer languages that I am familiar with, I never took any kind of class, I am entirely arbitrarily self taught based on what I think I might want to do and google.
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    by Published on 08-18-2014 01:07 PM

    I'm one of the people that hangs out in the ISboxer chat room a lot, and through discussions in the chat room I have recently learned about multiple capabilities of ISboxer that I didn't know about (despite almost four years using the program), primarily because unlike the perusal of /slash commands, I hadn't thought to skim through all of the features of ISboxer in quite some time. So for this series I've decided to take the time to dig through ISboxer and highlight some features that I've personally missed in the past as well as speculate on ways to integrate these features into my ISboxer setups.

    Today lets talk about "Close Window," a handy command when you need to free up system resources quickly.

    I use Alt Numpad+ to hearth, but until recently was logging out of the games I play using mouse broadcast or a /camp macro. The place I run into trouble with this is Tempest Bay. Tempest Bay is the (extremely high polygon and people count) capital ...
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    [FONT=Tahoma][FONT=verdana]​If you are not already using Like A Pro to implement your hotkeys, you should be. A reliable, universal way to handle spec swaps was actually the thing that forced me to...

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