• Heroic Eye of Azshara - 5 monks

    Finally killed the snake!

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    1. charly's Avatar
      charly -
      God damn snake!
    1. charly's Avatar
      charly -
      Well as usual you gave me the motivation to try EoA... again. I wiped something like 40 times total with both my compos 4disc+1dh and 5dh havocs on Serpentrix. Tonight I was able to kill that damn snake in Mythics. I finally outgeared it yay.

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    1. JohnGabriel's Avatar
      JohnGabriel -
      Great work!!

      I wonder if Serpentrix is only tough for multiboxers?
    1. omegared's Avatar
      omegared -
      Good job Charly, did you make a vid of it?

      I guess so. The fight isnt very hard, you can ignore most mechanics (on heroic at least), except the Toxic Wound and you have to move as fast as possible to interrupt the Rampage. A big problem with this fight is the winds you get sometimes. They move you all over the place, so you have to get lucky with those and not get stuck in a hole in the ground or behind an object.
    1. charly's Avatar
      charly -
      Thanks guys!

      @omegared No video unfortunately, I didn't expect to kill him. I'm going to practice a bit more then try to record a quick run in Mythics. I got the same issue with the winds as well. It seems that the weather gets worst every time you kill a boss. That's why I started with Serpentrix with zero wind, then ended with the first (and easiest) boss. What's your next challenge?
    1. Gomotron's Avatar
      Gomotron -
      I beat my head against the Serpentrix encounter all morning, finally beat it on normal.

      I shudder to think of it on Heroic... hopefully I can just outgear it!

      Props to your clear!
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