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    by Published on 10-14-2016 10:31 AM   

    Lax has been cooking up some changes for ISBoxer over the past few months, and, well... I decided to make a video about it since it's about ready to be released. Also, he just so happens to be in this video, so... enjoy.

    Note: I felt the Software Tools sub-forum was a better place than the Movies section, since it's not a tutorial/achievement type video, and is supposed to be more informative and focused on the software itself.
    by Published on 10-01-2016 10:26 AM     Number of Views: 124 

    This is my first video after the self healing nerfs that pallies received a while ago. The difference is noticeable, but this setup still works.

    I have switched some talents just before this dungeon:

    Tier 1: Consecrated hammer instead of Holy Shield. This is a DPS increase, and should be nice for some survival cases also. In many stressful situations I am moving my characters, meaning I probably will not be standing in my consecration. Not getting the bonus to SotR and LotP in those situations can be very bad.

    Tier 2: Anything else instead of First Avenger. Before I had this talent just to boost single target dps/defense in boss fights. By not choosing First Avenger we get better performance on multiple mobs. I don't really know which other talents is best, but Bastion of Light can save your team in a difficult situation. And/or give an Enormous dps burst with many SotR. I didn't use that talent in this video, but looking back it would have been a nice dps boost for the bosses with the vulnerability periods (Glazer and Ash'golm).

    Tier 4: Blinding Light instead of Repentance. If I am going to have any chance on beating a mythic+ timer in the future, there is no time for CC by repentance. Blinding Light rotation on large trash pulls means a team of 5 paladins can keep AoE up, even while the enemies are disoriented. This is also essential to survive big packs. We can spread out the usage, to give us periods of time to recover health.
    by Published on 09-20-2016 08:45 AM     Number of Views: 170 

    Completed this a while ago - had just not had time to edit. I've also recorded Maw of Souls, will see if I will make a video of that too. But with my limited gaming time at evenings, I might just prio getting the daily 4 world quests done each day, would be fun with a legendary soon

    The first boss was not very hard, I was just not paying much attention to the mechanics. Second is very easy.
    Third was a challenge, but if I remember right I did get her down on first attempt.
    Fourth was also a challenge, and I had 1 wipe. When he steals the shield and summons the adds, they must be killed fast, while avoiding their AoE.
    Hardest was the last boss. His deadly AoE nova combined with spawning the add at the same time was troublesome. After some practice, I chose to just pop invulnerability cooldowns to handle those situations.

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